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What are you doing with your 401k?

Asked by rowenaz (2436points) September 8th, 2008

you are watching it dwindle, but are you doing anything? Shifting money? Letting the chips fall where they may? What are your thoughts?

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Buy low. Sell high.

So buy, buy, buy.

This too shall pass.


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My husband pulled it out of the 401K out of the stock market in January and put it temporarily in a money market. He is studying when to go back in. Now that Fannie and Freddie are stabilized it may be soon.

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stay diversified, don’t look at, or listen to the market reports and enjoy life

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Do what Marina just said, and do it soon—there is a shit storm coming to a market near you, and soon.

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If you had moved some funds from a variable account to a fixed income account when the market was stronger, you, in effect, sold at the peak.
If you move money now from a variable account to a fixed income account, you are selling at a reduced price which may reduce termporary risk but precludes going along for the ride if the market turns up.

My 401k advisor had me sell shares in two small-cap funds very early this year and put them in fixed income accounts, however later on in the spring he advised me to allocate some of my current contributions toward the purchase of the same small cap funds. WHY? Because I am buying the same shares cheaply that I sold earlier in the year for a profit.

You can not ever accurately time the market. No one, not even the best stock pickers, gamblers, hedge-fund hotshots, connivers, pension managers, no one can time the ups and downs of the market.
You can gauge trends and go with a gut feel but the overall best plan is to invest steadily and conservatively and not go in and out every day .


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