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What's there in the new terms of service about privacy of Whatsapp that convinces people to move to Signal instead?

Asked by luigirovatti (2869points) January 17th, 2021

They renew them February 8, but, according to my research, it doesn’t change anything about end-to-end encription, the fact that Whatsapp can’t even know your position, etc, I mean, it all continues to be there. So, what’s the big deal?

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The notion that either WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, or any similar messaging services have “un-breakable” encryption codes is bogus, and has been understood by tech experts for years :

Most national intelligence agencies that monitor threat communications -including NSA, CIA, SVR, MI6, and Mossad – use a simple work around that lets them hack Android and iOS devices and see what users are typing in before its converted to encryption. All these so-called secure apps know about this flaw, but keep it quiet so they can continue to attract users and build their market. And the biggest intruders on all these apps aren’t government spies, but commercial companies hunting personal info for advertising & other money making schemes.

There are NO unbreakable codes, no totally secure messaging, and no untraceable communications – Anywhere, any time.

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Whatsapp is owned by Facebook. The T.O.S. was going to change to where the app the was to share with Facebook some personal data about them, such as their phone number and location May 15th. Whatsapp data sharing !

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