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What did you become interested in later in life that you had no interest in while in school?

Asked by JLeslie (63088points) January 18th, 2021 from iPhone

What do you (did you) do to pursue the interest?

By school I mean K-12 or tertiary education immediately following your secondary education.

If you later went back to school for your interests that would count as pursuing your new interest.

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Drawing and painting

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Decided to teach myself a few years ago and I’ve been fortunate enough to get commissions on a frequent basis

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Being single.

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In grade school I wasn’t motivated by points and gold stars.

Now I Fluther for lurve. Also I get paid from others answering my questions.

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Bluegrass music.

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Bluegrass music. My sophomore year of college Carol (Corn Cob) got tired of me playing Kenny Burrell

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- Literature analysis. When I was at school I thought it was a waste of time. Why should I look deeper into a story when I already understood the plot? Now I analyze every book and movie I watch because I need to learn how to write my own stories. I also, surprisingly, get a lot of joy from analyzing things. It’s a great mental exercise.

- History, particularly history of other countries that aren’t my own. I was already fed up enough with learning history of my own country so I just couldn’t bring myself to care for other countries. I just couldn’t see anything valuable from learning history other than remember pointless dates.

Film-noir was the thing that motivated me to study history. And throughout my study, I was shocked to see how much American culture resembles my country’s culture. I can actually relate to Americans throughout most of the 19th and 20th centuries, and most recently Colonial time, because for almost every period of American history, I can think of a similar time in my country’s history to match with it. Learning about history has changed me into a more empathetic person.

If I had an advice for young kids at school, I would say: “Work hard at school. The knowledge you learn will come back to serve you, trust me.” :)

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