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Has all the hype about C-19 died down a bit in your news?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21808points) January 18th, 2021

Our right winger said it was just front page all the time to make Trump look bad, and once the election was over you wouldn’t hear a thing about Covid-19 anymore.
So for my American Jellies has Covid-19 faded away since the election?

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No. The big thing in the news now is the vaccine distribution/application.

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It’s all the new Covid-19 variant in Europe and Africa.

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They also said the news would stop talking about covid after Election Day. Wrong.

The news, especially cable news, obsesses about one thing all day long and right now that is the lead up to the inauguration after the Capitol was attacked! There is no mystery.

Covid will be back in the news constantly in short order. People are dropping dead in huge numbers, the trend is terrible right now. A batch of Moderna was halted in California because of a cluster of bad reactions. People are worried all over the country that they won’t get their second dose of vaccine on time. Biden is talking about 100 FEMA sites to give out vaccinations around the country. How many will that be in my state? Just two? Three? CDC changed their recommendation to match Florida to prioritize 65 and up and some states aren’t making the switch some are. Experts expect the worst rates of infection and death are still ahead with the very contagious variants here now. All that will be obsessed about on the 21st if the inauguration goes smoothly. It’s still being talked about, it’s just not being obsessed about right now.

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I think there’s been a lot of talk about the inauguration and the siege on the Capitol so that’s crowding out Covid news.

As for Covid news, it’s mostly about the vaccine not being available and where people are going to get it. I’m in NY not far from the city and right next to CT.

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No we have about maxed out hospitals,

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Mrs, Squeeky received her covid shot today but then again she is a front line worker,I don’t qualify till late March or even September.

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The whole 15 minutes at the beginning of every broadcast is covid, covid, covid and so on.

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Not in my news. The local news starts off with how many cases, how many deaths in my state. Now they are adding how many vaccines have been distributed, vaccine number one and vaccine number 2.
At noon each day our governor gets on a broadcast and tells the death count. Not the name but the age and counties the people are from.
Maybe this seems like just a statistic to some, but at least it’s an acknowledgement of the deaths related to Covid.
As an aside, I remember as a kid they would report on the front page each day the number of American deaths related to the Vietnamese War. It has stuck with me all these years.

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Covid never left my news, it’s still ongoing and prominent. The other events are extensively covered as well, but have replaced lesser stories, not Covid news.

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It is still very much in the news here. We get about 3 thousand new cases per day of
Corona Virus.

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No, and I don’t think it’s hype (hyperbole). If anything, it’s understated, in my opinion. Here in California, where the numbers of cases and deaths keep ballooning and the new, more virulent strain is rapidly spreading, there is hardly such a thing as hype. Rather, I think there’s simply a lot of covid fatigue.

Anyway, our right winger (the most outspoken of them) is no source of either truth or fact.

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Two of the local hospitals are renting large refrigerator trailers for temporary morgues.

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It’s talked about every day; morning, noon, and night.

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