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Would you have any interest in Hollywood making a movie about the Capitol insurrection?

Asked by rockfan (13879points) January 18th, 2021 from iPhone

There is so much real footage available that a director could easily reenact the event using famous actors, and make it into a disturbing political satire about delusion and cognitive dissonance.

I could envision Lynne Ramsay making it, the director of “You Were Never Really Here” and “We Need To Talk About Kevin”.

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Ask me after the 20th. There might be a miniseries opportunity.

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That seems like the most boring ass fucking movie ever. No thanks.

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CNN has l beaten every one to it. Sorry that I don’t have a link.

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No. Maybe a documentary far in the future. I don’t even want to see movies about 9/11 and luckily there don’t seem to be many.

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Only if it starred Jean-Claude Van Damme as the goat master.

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I guess a movie solely about the Capitol insurrection wouldn’t be all that interesting, but if a film about Trump’s presidency ever gets made, a scene of the insurrection would have to be a must.

But if you guys oppose a movie about Trump being made, than I think that’s kind of weird. A movie about Trump has so much potential to be just as good as All The President’s Men

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Oppose isn’t the right word. Meant to say not interested in

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@rockfan: “But if you guys oppose a movie about Trump being made, than I think that’s kind of weird.”

Do you trust Hollywood to make a movie about Trump that isn’t a complete whitewashing of US history? It would most definitely be a pile of melodramatic horseshit that had neocons and liberals as heroes, rather than complicit in the United States’ crimes.

Plus, it would boring as hell.

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Not now!

Maybe in the future a movie, mini series, or documentary leading to the event on Jan 6 and what happened on that day. We have to document and teach it. It must become part of our K-12 curriculum in my opinion. We need our children to be better than the current adult population at handling propaganda.

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Obviously depends on the writer and director. You’re acting as though there aren’t intelligent filmmakers out there

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Personally, I need a long break from the last four years. I’ve had enough of Trump to last for the rest of my life. We’ve seen it 24/7 – who needs more?

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I’d have no interest.

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