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Would you like to join our chat room-stuffing contest?

Asked by Brian1946 (29802points) January 18th, 2021

For those who are shy about entering, the room doesn’t work, so there’s no need to worry about unwanted salutations or needless conversation.

IIRC, the record is 17 occupants.

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The goal is to get so many occupants, that the Community Feed is pushed down off the page, or crushed into the singularity of a period. ;-o

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That’s what I thought you were doing so yeah I am in there.

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@SQUEEKY2 @RedDeerGuy1

We corpulent Canadians should be on the bottom.

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Another lofty goal is to have so many stuffers, that it will take the mods a whole week to evict all of us! ;-D

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Jumping in now.

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Ok….. I’ll give it a shot.

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