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Why would a man act jealous if he doesn't care?

Asked by honeybun35 (622points) January 19th, 2021

Not a story to type. Watching talk shows like Steve Wilkos and one of the things a guy gets mad when a female doesn’t text . The same guy does the same thing and tells the woman he is busy. If she doesn’t respond right away he keeps putting the question mark.

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The man had a previous relationship with a woman who didn’t respond to his texts right away. One night, he was locked in the trunk of Steve Wilkos’ trunk and tried to text her for help. She didn’t respond right away, and he ended up in Alaska and forced to work on in a fish canning facility for 5 months with no pay.

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@hello321 That makes sense !

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He doesn’t want another man to have what he could be having but doesn’t want to be seen as wanting it.

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^ You say that as though his manager at the fish canning plant didn’t verbally abuse him and make him wear a rubber clown nose

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^ And that wasn’t the worst of it! Or the best of it…

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Because he’s a guy 0_o

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