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Would Trump’s brand of politics help in putting another Republican in the WH or not?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27518points) January 20th, 2021 from iPhone

As asked.

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I freaking hope NOT!
But again the right can be unpredictable ,and bat shit crazy at times.

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Trump wants to start a third party, which he would control.
If he does that, he would split the Republicans, and ensure Democtrats have a long occupancy in the White House.

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I believe it will. He’ll go down in history as one of the great presidents.
He brokered 4 peace treaties! No small achievement. Dow 1 thousand.
Many great accomplishments. Most of all he oves our country.

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@si3tech – Did you know that Trump also invented a method for converting tap water into Pinot Noir?

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@si3tech—You have two advanced certificates from Trump University (you are paying $450 a month for the next twenty years)

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I saw Mitt Romney in an interview a few weeks ago saying we likely will see Trump style politics being used by some Republican politicians for a while. He felt there will be Republicans who still feel it’s a way to win. The way I interpreted it was he was saying just that, a way to win, not necessarily that the politicians felt it was good or right.

I think in two years we will see if it wins local offices and that will help decide if Republicans still market themselves that way.

I just read this article about QAnon, let’s see if that falls apart. That might have some influence.

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