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How do I play a .clpi video?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) September 8th, 2008

our friend burned our wedding dvd into a .clpi format. How do I play/edit/convert the footage? I have never even heard of .clpi….

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@Meatwad – I couldn’t find it by doing quick googling. Can you show us how it’s done and google it and post the answer here?

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It appears that it is a blue ray extension:

So next thing is, if he gave you a file on a disc is it a blue ray disc? then you need to play it in a blue ray player. if not then you need to put it on one or use a program.

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@PnL: I googled it and found the same link as Bri_L, 3rd result down.

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btw – I am just guessing after that. I don’t know much about blue ray or how it works. I would assume it works like other media. you record files to it.

So you either have the file that would be recorded to the disk or the blue ray disk itself.

I don’t think you could read a blue ray disk if you didn’t have the player. I think you could encode for one with out a player. so it is possible to have the file with out the disc. that is my logic, swiss cheese as it may be.

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@bri and bluemukaki – I wrote that so that meatwad can stop trying to be a smartass and try to provide some help instead. i figured out the blu ray part, and of course it would be played in a blu-ray player but i assumed supergirl wants a software that can play this and I wasn’t sure of that. Does VLC play blu ray?

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I have been trying to find some but no luck yet. I looked at Quick Time and am nothing labeled Blue Ray or clpi was there, but sometimes its all mp4 when it could be called mpeg or something like that.

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It looks to me like the .clpi format doesn’t actually contain video it just defines the properties of the video for streaming. I think you need the
M2TS file or bdmv file to play the video (?)

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toast titanium has blue ray support. Perhaps if you tried ripping it with that it might work.

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Did you try VLC. There is a slight chance that it will play it. Probably not thou.

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