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What airport would want to change its name to "Donald Trump Airport"?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31944points) January 20th, 2021

Apparently that’s what he is hoping for. article

Would you want to fly into Trump airport? Would you be afraid of crashing?

More importantly, what airport would want do rename itself?

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Some random dirt strip out there in the wasteland, that is mainly used by cocaine smugglers and human traffickers.

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Moscow (Russia) International.

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Gitmo in Cuba !

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You do not, I guess realize that Biden is now our president? Get over it!

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@si3tech Yah but Gitmo in Cuba would be great – - -so he could land at his airport when put in prison he’ll need to learn Arabic and like the menu !

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That article says Ronald Reagan is also Washington National, but as many jellies know I was disgusted at the time and still am that the nation’s capital airport named after our first President was changed to Ronald Reagan.

Now, back to the Q. Trump would probably like a NY or FL airport, that would make the most sense. Of course, it would have made sense to give Reagan a California airport—oops sorry, there I go again.

Let’s see…I think Florida is his best bet. Palm Beach airport is named after the city, so there is an opportunity there, but Palm Beach County is dominated by Democrats so I’m not sure he could get it done. The governor in Florida would probably like to do it for Trump, Trump has that working for him right now in Florida. There are several airports in Florida named after the cities they are in, so it would just matter how meaningful the name of the city is. Not that it mattered for Washington National.

Florida airports get recognition all the time so Trump would probably consider them nice enough.

I’m sure he could probably get an airport somewhere in the Southern states, but he probably wouldn’t be satisfied with that.

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Will he EVER realize what a total loser he is?

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