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If one can run, or bike, faster than the speed limit is it still a crime?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21215points) January 21st, 2021

Say in a school zone or a pedestrian zone?

Or are speed limits just for cars?

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In the UK the speed limit applies to motor vehicles only however you can be charged with “wanton and furious cycling” if you are riding in such a manner that could endanger others.

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In most states of the United States, bicycles are equivalent to any other vehicle and must obey the traffic laws. So you can get a speeding ticket on a bicycle.

I doubt you can run far enough and fast enough to get clocked for speeding while running. If you are in a place with a very low speed limit (i.e., 10 mph). yo should not be running in the street but on the sidewalk. You might get a ticket for jaywalking.

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Basically, yes. If the sign meant only cars and trucks, it would say so.

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Speed limit is for anything regardless of whether it has a motor or not. Most traffic laws are.

I know that here in Georgia, bike riders have been ticketed for not stopping at stop signs, for failure to yield, and running red lights. I don’t see why speed limits broken by bicyclists would be immune from traffic laws.

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HA! I suppose so.
I once got yelled at by a guy in a large motor boat for paddling my outrigger canoe faster than the 5 mph speed limit in that part of the lake. I said something like “no harm no foul”. How much damage can a human powered carbon fiber canoe do going 6 mph while generating minuscule amount of wake?

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If you run into police’ photo trap ... you must pay or have some days in the jailhouse !

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“wanton and furious cycling”…the funniest thing I’ve heard all year!!

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Tyreek Hill can run >20 mph. Yeah. He’d break the school zone speed limit with wanton and furious jogging. LOLLLL!!!

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My daily workout with race bike reached already 23 mph on 62,5 miles in top speeds about 40,62 mph. Breaking the traffic rules in cities are possible.

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