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How often do you clean the crumbs out of your toaster?

Asked by LuckyGuy (41000points) January 21st, 2021

It probably has been 6 months since I last pulled out the clean-out tray in the bottom. It was completely overflowing.
I unplugged the toaster, brought it to the sink, and shook it in all directions. Yikes! So much stuff fell out.
There were enough bread crumbs to feed a flock starlings for a week! I’m pretty certain there were parts of DB Cooper and Jimmy Hoffa in there.

It is probably a good idea to clean it out more frequently to reduce the chance of fire.
What did you find in yours?

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I have a Dualit toaster, and it has a very convenient slide out tray, so I don’t have to pick up the device and shake it upside down over the sink.

I empty the tray about once a month, most often when a chunk of English muffin or a piece of an oatcake breaks off,

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You’re supposed to do that? Live and learn.

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I’ll check that when I get home. I’m pretty sure I cleaned it out sometime last summer.

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Usually only when LFB tells me i should

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Mine also has a convenient tray but I never think of it. There are 4 adults and a baby here now so it gets a lot of use.
No wonder the kitchen smelled like toast every time it was used!

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You’re supposed to clean it?

Well now I know what I didn’t do last…three summers ago.

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Thanks for the reminder!

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Turning it upside down gets the raisins and crumbs stuck in the Ni-Chrome wires. . . . Don’t ask how I know.

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I never remember. My reminder is always the appearance of smoke. Then I slide out the trays, shake out the crumbs, and pick out the big crumbs stuck in odd places.

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Usually when I wipe it down, so a few times a month.

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Every week. I remove and empty the crumb tray, tip the toaster upside-down to remove anything remaining, and wipe the top and exterior.

I use my toaster daily and don’t want a fire hazard.

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It’s impossible to get all the crumbs out of every one I’ve ever owned. I bought a basting brush, but there are still crumbs and seeds left behind. I work on it about three or four times a year, then get a new one. I never have found one without a shelf under the burners that catches crumbs.

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When I had one and AFTER reading the manual that came with it first before using it I learned of that tray on the bottom and to clean it after every use..

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When I remember to do it which is once per year. Thanks for the reminder!

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Hey, Maybe this Q prevented a fire – or at least a smoky kitchen. I’m glad to see I am not the only overly casual one.

@Love_my_doggie Every week?! You win the prize! That is one lucky toaster!

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