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How long will it take to fix this site?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21789points) January 21st, 2021

Fluther has been super slow at posting , won’t let you give GA votes, have a hard time returning to the main menu.

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Hopefully not long—looking into it now

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Yeah, that was slow… testing another answer.

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Thank you sir.

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hmmm, not obvious what’s going on, so I may not be able to figure it out until later tonight.

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Well hurry!
J/K. Thanks for working on it!

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It’s good and then it’s horrible. Hard to post answers or even GAs and then just fine.

Thanks Ben – we lurve you. (Even if your friends live in France.)

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(Excuse my testing posts). Is this any better?

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^^Thanks so much. :)

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Testing again

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Possibly working better now?

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looking pretty good!

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I think I figured out what happened, so it shouldn’t be too bad to fix in the future. Here’s the quick summary:
One of the old servers was needing to be restarted over and over and over, so a few weeks ago I tried rebuilding it and switching to a new one. Which seemed to work fine. And I recently turned off the old, poorly behaved, server. But I didn’t realize there was some special addresses I had to change over, so things were pointing to the old server instead of the new one. At first I had no clue, but some digging and it made sense. It’s not designed perfectly, but hopefully it will keep on chugging.

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Thanks so much, Ben!!

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It’s working so much better for me this morning! Thanks, Ben!

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Yeah it seems to be working fine today Jan 22, thank you sir.

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Thank you so much @ben

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@ben , thank you for keeping Fluther alive and well-functioning. We appreciate you!

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