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Do Asian's have difficulty using Western cutlery like Americans do with chopsticks?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20724points) January 23rd, 2021

Just wondering. I still can’t master them.

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I have no problem using knife and fork and spoon. They are actually easier to use than chopsticks. I was able to use fork and spoon at 5, but it took me 3 more years before I could use chopsticks properly.

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My dad told me when I was 8, while eating at a Chinese restaurant, I needed to learn how to use chopsticks. He was interacting with Japanese, Korean and Hawaiian airlines. I learned for the next Chinese restaurant trip, brought home some chopsticks to practice.

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Anecdotally I’ve heard from Asian friends that no, it’s not the same. Chopsticks are objectively more difficult to use. Though to someone who is taught from a young age, they may not perceive a difference in difficulty between the two. But I would think that learning to use chopsticks later in life is more difficult than learning to use Western cutlery, regardless of the culture of the person learning. Just a guess, though.

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I don’t have a problem using chop sticks. Impresses the heck ut of the grandkids.

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I just wolf it down with whatever is at hand. A stick by any other name, is still a fork. As my old pappy used to say.

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This had splayd me for quite some time until I discovered that as long as I held the spoon and fork at the big end I was ok, I just use them like regular chopsticks eschews your uncle.

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I would think Asians would be more studious in seeing how cultured cutlery users hold their utensils properly. I see grown men (there must be women, too) here in the US who hold a spoon and fork like a shovel.

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@kritiper I remember how panicked I was when I first got to use a knife. I was afraid I couldn’t do it the right way :(

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@kritiper “I see grown men (there must be women, too) here in the US who hold a spoon and fork like a shovel.”

Ino right, but I like dining at hillbilly hotdogs and divers diners, drive-ins and dives. And I’m a dab hand when I have to staunch the blood due to my knife-fighting ineptitude with the cutlery. I’m just glad I bought that ambidextrous spork.

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@doyendroll They eat with their hands, right?? Proper cutlery handling etiquette shouldn’t be an issue there…

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