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Where do you get your cell phones from?

Asked by jca2 (13653points) January 23rd, 2021

I just bought a new phone from Amazon. For the past 20 years, my phones were provided by my employer, so it’s been a while since I bought one myself.

The last one I was using was a Samsung from 2015, which was a great phone until I dropped it in the toilet (clean water) and so it works, and sends texts, but won’t access apps. After a visit to a phone repair store (free, btw), the guy said the solution is a new phone.

The one I ordered from Amazon is a bit more than 200 dollars, and I am looking forward to it. I got a mint green Otterbox, which is a color I love.

Is yours provided by your plan, or did you get it directly from a phone store (Apple store, etc.), or something else?

I realized that people will often have new phones but rarely do they talk about where the phones are from.

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The phone I now have is an iPhone 6SE and I ordered it online from Apple. I’ve had it about 3 years.

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I bought my current phone from Apple by ordering on line and picking up at the local Apple store. Same with my kids’ phones. Easy peasy, quick, and great support and everything went smooth.

Our previous phones were bought at the “Verizon store”. But that was not a very good experience, as the store is not owned by Verizon, but are “authorized” representatives. Buying a phone took forever and they kept trying to upsell me.

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My sister gave me her old iPhone 7. Before that I had an iPhone 6SE, which was also her old one. I’ve been lucky.

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I mostly buy (and sell) used from

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I get mine from Cricket. Just a garden variety android. PS Did you try that rice bowl thing we talked about?

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Bought mine from Verizon Wireless, it’s a Samsung S20 +.

I’ve had it almost a year, Paid in full. It replaced a Samsung S7 Edge.

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@Tropical_Willie: My current one is a Galaxy Note 4. The new one is a A21. It seems there are iPhone people and Samsung people. I also see, from reading an Android blog, that Asus has phones which are probably not bad, since Asus computers are not bad.

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I bought my Xiaomi MiA3 on Amazon.

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My most recent one was pitched to me from 611. A Motorola for $275.

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Same as the penguin. I order an iPhone directly from Apple. I keep them until the croak or stop working properly. The one I have now is two years old.

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I’ve been buying phones directly from the Apple Store for years. When I had an Android phone, I bought it at Best Buy. I buy unlocked phones and change the SIM cards out myself.

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I get my phone from Sprint CapTel as I am deaf. Relay operators type in what the caller says and I read it on the screen. Oops. You said ceell phone.

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I bought my Android Motorola Moto X a couple of years ago at Best Buy.

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From my provider here in town.

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