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Once a cup of hot coffee is poured how soon should you finish it?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11649points) January 23rd, 2021 from iPhone

For me, the answer is no more than 10 minutes.

The coffee, is freshest, it’s temperature is in the ideal enjoyment range…

Drink up.

Some wait up to an hour, or even find contraptions to keep their single cup warm indefinitely.

What say you?

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Before the milk you put into it turns sour.

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Before it becomes the temperature of horse pee. That’s what my dad called cooled coffee.

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Ideally for me when it’s still warm slightly higher than room temperature. But the reality is I end up heating it up a few times in the microwave during the course of the day.

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Whenever. I enjoy starting it hot, and the first one goes down so fast that there’s no time to cool. After that I don’t care. Start it hot, finish it whenever. And the next one. And the next one.

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Temperature isn’t important to me when I’m drinking “hot” coffee, other than the fact that I always have to wait until I can comfortably drink it. I mostly drink my coffee cold. Every 2 days, I make enough coffee for 2 days and refrigerate it.

Note: I’m not sure if the studies have been peer-reviewed or replicated, but I recall seeing something a few years ago about the dangers of drinking really hot beverages like coffee and tea (increase in esophageal cancer?).

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@hello321 Yikes, I love it piping hot. Coffee and tea both.

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There is no “should”. It is all a matter of choice and preference.

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@zenvelo if you have a subjective opinion about how you like something, in the vernacular, it’s fine to make a recommendation to someone by using the word should, despite there being no obligation for them to acquiesce.

For example: Y’all should come with us to the beach.

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If I get distracted and mine cools down near body temperature, I nuke it in the microwave for a minute or so.

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I like it hot. Only later on in the morning I’ll take a few cold sips and then throw the rest out.

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Never. When I used to drink it I only drank about ½ a cup.and threw the rest out.

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I rarely drink it, but like tea or cocoa, I would rather sip it red hot than ever drink it cold.

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I only drank it to warm up, so…..

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Wait! What? “Throw the rest out”. I don’t understand the meaning of those words.
Twenty coffee beans died for that cup of joe. Out of respect for the beans, the tree that grew them, and the workers slaving away in the jungles I figure it should be consumed – or at least poured into your garden so the nutrients are recycled.

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I’ve checked the Code of Federal Regulations. There are severe penalties involved for missing the deadline – But the good news is you can claim the fines as a tax deduction.

The downside is if you go to prison all you get is cold coffee.

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That’s why I quit drinking it altogether @LuckyGuy. I couldn’t handle the guilt and shame!

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Have you tried smaller cups?

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No need to.

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Either piping hot, or ice(d) cold.

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@Ltryptophan You mean like, “you should shut up.” :)

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Personally I prefer tea

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@rebbel but, I’m looking for a time, not a temp.

For instance, if you could keep it piping hot with a microwave, would you drink a cup for half an hour?

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@basstrom188 by all means, tell us how long you think a cup of tea should take to drink…

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I put mine in an insulated travel mug and drink it all morning at a reasonably warm temperature.

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Well, I always drink coffee with milk. Having it hot is great, but I don’t mind it at any temperature, even as cold as milk from the fridge, or iced, or cold-brewed.

So it can be days old, though it’s best fresh.

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If I’m going into work, I have a big mug and make myself two cups of coffee and put it in there. It will usually take me a couple of hours to drink and it’s cold by the time I’m done. Doesn’t bother me.

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