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Can you watch the ASPCA ads with the shivering dogs and cats?

Asked by Aster (20016points) January 23rd, 2021

I can’t watch. It’s too painful and reminds me even more of the unfairness of life for many animals. Besides; I’ve seen the amount of the donations their CEO keeps for his lifestyle. .

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It’s very hard to watch and I usually look away. It probably defeats the purpose of their ads, although their revenue will tell how successful the campaign is. I guess it must be successful since they keep running it.

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No. I change the channel.

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I record them and play them back at parties.

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I change the channel to see what else is on.
Not long after there is usually an ad showing starving children.

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No, I can’t watch. I mute the volume and avert my eyes. That had been Sadie’s story, before she got rescued.

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@Love_my_doggie I do the same thing. My sister also has a dog named Sadie that she rescued. She says Sadie will never ever be confined again.

The commercials aren’t as bad as they used to be. Several years ago I saw one that showed a bulldozer with hundreds of deceased dogs and puppies in the loader. I threw up in my mouth a little.

Unfortunately, I think those ads are ‘preaching to the choir’. The people who they affect the most already donate, and the people who don’t care aren’t going to give anyway. I do think there’s some good that comes from them though – I think the ads make an impact on the younger generations, so that they may grow up feeling more compassion toward animals than my parent’s generation did.

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I don’t know, since I haven’t watched TV with ads and channels for many years.

I like the ASPCA though and am usually willing to see such messages, but I haven’t seen the ones in question, since I haven’t been to @JLoon ‘s parties since the pandemic broke out.

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No way. I think hitting people over the head with stuff like that defeats the purpose.

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If one of those ads comes on I change the channel.

If their hope is to cause me guilt, it isn’t going to work. And why should I watch some ad that I have no interest in?

To be effective, they need to really communicate with the irresponsible pet owners that let their dogs and cats breed wantonly.

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I don’t watch.

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Incredibly sad. I must change channels.

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@elbanditoroso Do you remember the world hunger ads from 30–40 years ago?
Sam Kinison had an interesting take on the subject. End World Hunger

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@LuckyGuy no, I was alive, but i don’t remember the ads.

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@elbanditoroso They were awful. Worse than the ASPCA ads. There were always a fly or two on the kids’ faces.

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