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What would a Trump-like political figure rising in the Democratic Party look like?

Asked by sadiesayit (1650points) January 23rd, 2021

I don’t think authoritarian tendencies are inherently tied to specific political positions. But when I look at the current political landscape of the US, I have a hard time imagining someone in Trump’s mold succeeding in the DNC the way Trump did in the GOP.

What would that look like?

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One thing he could not possibly do, and that is appear so transparently VILE. I mean when you consider Trump, the first thing to come to mind is “how the fk could anyone LOOK at Trump’s history and see anything decent or worthwhile”? I mean Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could “see” it. When it comes to evil, vice, corruption, the man was nothing short of a lifetime parade of the 7 deadly sins! There they were IN THE FLESH slithering down that escalator. I mean did he really require a smoking billboard erupting from his forehead flashing “I AM THE DEVIL”?

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Someone that touts the extreme viewpoints of the side left of the left, and demonises as fascist anyone on the right of him, including people like Bernie Sanders and AOC.
While at the same time:
– Being born into money.
– is living in luxury.
– having in the past ruthlessly exploited the workers under his employ.
– is still doing that without any remorse
– is a general racist, sexist, homo and transphobic sleazebag in both his personal and private life.

So basically, he would be drumpf, almost 1 to 1, with the only difference being his superficially professed politics.

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Do you suppose any other creature OPENLY displaying such traits would be so impossibly lacking in self awareness as to wish to exhibit these things nationwide for 4 full years?

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There is no doubt in my mind that there are plenty of those kinds of people. Thankfully, most of them are staying out of politics.

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I used to keep a list of who on the left was an equivalency of who on the right.

Michael Bloomberg is the left equivalency of Donald Trump.

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Unless all of us wise up and demand serious reforms, we may find out sooner than we think.

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A hard-core Socialist..

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A good example might be Huey Long.

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@ragingloli—do you think that person would be able to get anywhere politically in the US? (Within the DNC or otherwise?)

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@ragingloli I know there’s a lot to cover, but it seems to me you left out many qualities, including:

* Says random self-contradicting high-grade bullshit he just made up almost constantly.
* Has multiple sexual assault accusations which his lawyers/checkbook buried.
* Is addicted to shady large-scale business operations that involve lots of debt, possibly to international mafia figures.
* Tries to make as much money as possible for himself and his family and associates through the office of POTUS.
* Will appoint his own family to as many government positions as possible.
* Will fill the rest of his government appointments with corporate saboteurs and incompetents who have no interest doing the actual jobs or having the government departments they use do theirs.
* Psychopathic egomania.
* Will use POTUS powers to replace and stall investigations and prosecution of his own corruption.
* Will try to engineer a coup if losing reelection.
* Will try to destroy various needed systems such as the Post Office, EPA, Social Security, public education…
* Will appoint assholes and unstable maniacs to high judicial offices chosen for their political positions on legislative issues, and possibly to be able to do legal stunts to avoid the legal system prosecuting himself, or maybe to change an election result.
* Will endanger the lives of countless Americans by thwarting public health efforts during major emergencies, if he imagines there is a self-interested or political reason to do so.
* Will use his position as POTUS to try to get favors from foreign leaders, for his own personal political and business agendas.

Now I’m running out of steam to think of more to mention, but I’m sure the list goes on…

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Ironically, a politician who genuinely espouses the teachings and principles of Jesus would scare the shit out of both parties: anti-war, anti-capitalist, pro-immigrant, and anti-corruption.

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Also, I think Joe Manchin is the Democratic equivalent of Trump. Completely corrupt with absolutely no principles or political convictions.

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