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How does Fluther make any money?

Asked by crazyguy (3207points) January 25th, 2021

I was on another similar site before, that monetized members’ questions and answers by getting on to search engines. Does Fluther have any way to monetize our input?

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Ads, for non-members.

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Questions about Fluther should be asked in Meta.

As to monetizing, there is some income stream from advertising but I suspect once the server fees are paid it is at best a wash. The main profit from originating Fluther was that the founders were recruited and hired by Twitter some years ago, although neither of them works there now. Fluther was not bought by Twitter and remains up due to the kindness of Ben.

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@crazyguy: If you sign out (lot out) and look at the site, you’ll see ads.

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@janbb I have never asked a question in ‘Meta’. Is that as opposed to General and Social?

Also, who is ‘Ben’?

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@crazyguy When you ask a question, before you post it, you get a choice of which section to post it in. The Meta section is one of the choices and it is for site specific questions. And Ben is one of the two founders of the site. He does any of the major maintenance work on the site but no new development is being done since he and the other founder, Andrew, have moved on to other work.

You want want to explore the Help and About links at the top and bottom of the page to learn more about the site.

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