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Is there anything that I could do to lift up my hanging stomach?

Asked by honeybun35 (622points) January 25th, 2021

My stomach is droopy and it is hanging in between my legs.

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Sit ups.
Stop over eating.

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I don’t over eat. Will the sit ups help the bottom part ? what kind of sit ups?

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Lay on the floor, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Cross your arms across your chest and sit up. Lay down then do it again as many times as you can. Say you can only do 10 a day. After a week of 10 sit ups do 11. A week after that do 12.
By the time you get to 80 or 100 sit ups a day your stomach will be flat as a pancake.

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Okay, I don’t understand this. I weigh 225 at 5’3”. My stomach does not hang between my legs. Do you mean when you are sitting or standing up? (btw I am 52, and trust me, it droops)

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@Dutchess_III Maybe if it’s you. No way that would do it for someone who is so overweight their stomach hangs between their legs.

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she said she doesn’t over eat @anniereborn.

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@Dutchess_III Then it sounds like a serious medical problem for her stomach to be hanging like that.

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I agree. She should see a doctor.

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I am not fat at all but my stomach is bloated and it is an apron belly.

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Why is it bloated?

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Belly fat takes longer and different ways to get rid of.

Its best to lose the weight slowly otherwise to fast ( like fasting etc) and the skin will not shrink enough so that one if left with loose skin .

Note : number 18 : eat within an 8 hour period and nothing for 16 hours ( sleeping etc)
It states eat all that you want.
I didn’t do that as ate normal meals but between 7Am – 7Pm and nothing until the next day .
Manageable and my body got used to the special diet either…of course within sweets if at all possible.
For me I cut out bread ( rarely eat it) and little or no sugar nor sweets etc
No juices..( sweet) either.

just milk, coffee, or water and managed to lose some weight and keep it off now but in the winter time like now too cold to go outdoors and lack of exercise weight gain happens so keep busy indoors.( cleaning, etc)

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Is it fat or skin?

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I’m with @chyna, is it fat or skin?

Something doesn’t sound right. What does your doctor say?

You can’t tighten skin a lot if it’s stretched out. There are lasers that tighten skin in minor ways, it works very well for minor tightening, but nothing major.

People who lose a lot of weight sometimes need surgery to cut away extra skin that was stretched out.

If it’s fat then losing weight or liposuction or some other fat removal.

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It is fat. thank you.

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Quit overeating and do sit ups.

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I am not over eating. I am bloated. I also do sit ups but it is not working.

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You said it was fat. Fat is how your body stores excess food.

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@honeybun35 If you are bloated that is not fat. That is either fluid or gas.

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Oh I see ok. Thanks

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