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Do superstitious people in this day and age annoy you?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45438points) January 25th, 2021

I don’t mean religious people. I mean grown adults talking seriously about hauntings and stuff.
I belong to an interesting FB page called “Things found in walls.”
Usually it’s cool and interesting, but every so often some one will find some object, an old doll or something, in the corner of their 100 year old basemen. People start yelling “Put it back! Put it back! You’ll get haunted!!”
At least a few of them are serious.
I’m like “Come on people. Get real.”

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Actually I find it rather amusing. But I’ve never been around any kind of haunting so maybe if I believed it were true, it wouldn’t be so funny.

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It is amusing when they’re joking.

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Only if they take it very seriously is it annoying. If they really believe to the point of actually being very fearful.

I like old superstitions when they create traditions, like the tradition of not setting up a baby’s room before the baby is born. Or, not jinxing something by speaking well of it. I don’t really believe, but those things I named are Jewish culture, so I think it’s nice. Probably, other cultures have the same superstitions.

I didn’t want any stones in our wedding bands, because that represents bumps in road. I consider that a superstition. I was hoping for a smooth marriage. My band does have a sharp twist, and my marriage definitely has had some twists and turns.

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In the context you describe? Not even the tiniest bit.
In the real world? Never happens to the point where it’s annoying.

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Why not religion? @Dutchess_III

A lot of religious belief (Judaism for sure, Catholicism for sure, but no doubt others) is based on superstition mysticism, and the evil bogeyman who is out to get you.

Read about the golem. for example.

Religion is nothing more than codified or institutionalized superstition.

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@elbanditoroso Yeah, but it’s more popular and financially benefical in the secular world to say haunting, mediums and demons, etc…. Most people don’t equate that in any way to religion.

But of course, you’re right. :)

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I know what it is @elbanditoroso. But this isn’t meant to slam anyone’s religion. That’s a seperate discussion all by itself.

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In a supposed modern era, where we have people who actually believe that the earth is flat and that outer space and solar systems don’t really exist, some clown who believes in ghosts and demons and hauntings, is the least of my concerns.

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What is revealing is the extent to which current technology has eliminated the former filters preventing stupidity and superstition from getting out of hand before it can be reasonably dismissed as bogus. Everyone’s an expert.

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One that I use to laugh at was that it is bad luck to bring bananas on a boat. Most of the Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddlers that I know truly believe it is very bad luck to have bananas on board a boat.

Just before the start of the 2018 Pailolo Challenge outrigger canoe race (race from Maui to Molokai) one of the paddlers on my team started screaming bloody murder. Why? One of our team mates put a bag of bananas on one of the seats of the canoe. I just laughed. Meanwhile the wind picked up to over 20 mph with some huge 5 to 8 foot surf out in the crossing channel. About half way our canoe flipped and we could not clear the water from our canoe because of the high surf. Soon the Coast Guard and the race director showed up and demanded (yelling at us though a bull horn) that we immediately abandon our canoe. So we all went aboard our escort boat and released our $25,000 canoe to drift free in the violent ocean as we went back to Maui. On the way back I heard more yelling. Why? A bag on our escort boat popped open loaded with bananas. But I wasn’t laughing this time. I was too beaten up to laugh. I don’t think that I’ll ever laugh at this superstition again.

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I was just watching q documentary on why the bananas we’re used to are on their way to extinction. I’m old enough to remember when the variety before our current “cavendish” bananas ruled the world. They were called Gros Michel bananas.

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I think that all bananas are doomed to extinction because they have no sexual reproduction. They’ve lost the variability of a large gene pool to keep them strong against diseases.and changes in their environments. Meanwhile enjoying them while we can.

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It’s unlucky to let superstitious people annoy you.

On the other hand there may be phenomena or noumena which we as yet do not comprehend.

We may be in the dark but does it matter?

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On Facebook, no.

In real life, I don’t know anybody who is extremely superstitious. If I knew someone who was very superstitious, I would probably figure they must have extreme anxiety.

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@jca2 Just avoid walking under a ladder, and don’t ever let a black cat cross your path, and you should be fine. : P

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How do yo prevent a black cat from crossing your path? Cats do what they will do.

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Just turn around and go the other direction. Problem solved. ; ) All roads lead to Rome, path less travelled, all that rot.

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Nah, everyone is a little superstitious. Sometimes people won’t talk about a job offer. Don’t want to jinx it, or talk about the weather on holiday. Don’t want to jinx it.

Though I don’t think believing in Ghost is exactly a superstition. It would still fall under faith because for you to believe that Ghost exist, you have to believe that people have a spirit in them and when they die this spirit can choose to stay around. So it would fall under Religion.

I would find it difficult to believe that someone who doesn’t believe in souls would believe in Ghosts.
Oh, to answer your question not really. But then as a Christian I believe in the Holy Spirit. I neither totally believe in haunting but I don’t dismiss it as being impossible either. There are remarkable things that would’ve been thought impossible 30 years ago or longer. I can talk to gadgets that turn lights on an off or play me music I want to hear. I can see my son in real time on a computer. You can interact with 3 d games. Yes, these are man made but there are still discoveries made everyday about out planet. Trees communicate through fungi.

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