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Which class ALONE is beneficiary of the contrived struggle between the left and right?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24138points) January 25th, 2021 from iPhone

Here’s a hint. Where’s the money going?

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That’s a no to contrivance and a no to deliverance.I disagree.

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Foreign enemies are the big winners.

Also, anarchists, terrorists, and internet trolls.

Don’t forget cable “news“ outlets and radio talk shows.

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Would this be the case if the middle class were robust and thriving? Or do either of you believe that the middle class is doing just fine?

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Doesn’t matter if the middle class is thriving or not, the division being sown is about fear. If the middle class was doing spectacular they would still be afraid of losing their position.

I do think having a weakened middle class and more desperation among the masses creates opportunities for extremists to come into power.

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The wealthiest people and corporations, obviously.

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Your word choice already implies
you know the answer to this.

“Which class…?”
Versus “Which party…?”

Regardless of party, the rich
get richer. The poor get poorer.

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Who benefits? It is not just one class or nation.
Russia and China benefit by having the US be a divided nation with few allies.
Both can extend their territorial reach with little opposition. e.g. the seizure and annexation of Chechnya’s Crimea, China’s action in the South China Sea, etc.
Despots in various countries will be able to hold onto power illegally with no fear of recrimination.
Low grade news networks can increase views and revenue by fomenting disagreements about any “either/or” issue, e.g. race, abortion, religion, politics. – I am waiting for the upcoming Android vs. IOS revolution.
Facists can use Hitler’s playbook to rise to power – and stay there.

One thing is certain, by continuing the fight those with the most money will benefit more than the little guys.

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The rich can leave Dodge and put money off shore if they do it early enough when signs are on the wall. The middle class can do it too, but the rich can buy their way into other countries easier. I think about it at times; what would make me actually emigrate?

@LuckyGuy Android vs iOS. Lol. Are you so tired with the country falling for fighting about everything like I am? It actually makes me more sad than tired.

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@JLeslie Yep! You got my joke (sadly too real) about Android vs. IOS.
You can imagine the protest signs! Spurred on by “fearless leaders” radical iOSers will storm the Googleplex. The RottenApples will storm Apple park.
Each will blame the other.

I can hear the chants: ” WE invented it! Stop the Steal!”

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