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What does post-conviction relief mean? Specifically for the victim?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12680points) January 25th, 2021

Oh I am here again with anothet question about this case I am sure you all are getting sick of. Sorry.
So if he plead guilty, was sentenced, and there is a thing online that says he is giving notice of intent to pursue post conviction relief, what does that mean for me, the victim? I say online because I was looking up a date related to the case and I noticed it. Just curious about it, I am sure my advocate would notify me if it involved me but it sounds like (based off google) this is a way for him to try and fight the outcome so I am worried.

To explain more: You can google court cases for your state and search people, and find information. I am not dwelling on this, just double checking the sentencing date for a transcript request that is it, and I saw it.

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Google wasn’t super clear on what it means for the victim.

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We are not sick of you.

Disclaimer: I know very little about the law.

I think of post conviction relief as having to do with a challenge to the court proceedings. Like if the lawyer wasn’t adequate, or if something is found out about a juror after the fact. I’m not sure what he could come up with since he plead guilty.

Can you ask the prosecutor what could happen?

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Post-conviction relief is a procedure that allows the defendant in a criminal case to bring more evidence or raise additional issues in a case after a judgment has been made (post-trial).


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I feel so weird calling and asking because they haven’t told me, I just found it but I can try. I read it usually gets denied so hopefully it does.

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Just do what will make you feel better. Can a friend or someone in your family make the call if it’s hard for you to do?

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I can also email.

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I would say it means relief from the trial, relief that the trial is over.

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Email sounds good.

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