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Will a very intense training regimen and extreme studying help me become infinitely intelligent, artistic and possibly omnipotent?

Asked by Sumil_Fitah (9points) January 26th, 2021

I am going to research on Biology and the human body so I can create the most effective, intense and perfect training regimen so I can be infinitely strong in a month or less. Also, extreme studying and doing hard mathematics problems might help infinitely improve my brain cognitive functions and everything else. I might be able to draw infinitely better. I might be able to do everything better! So, I hope this project will help me become the best in school. I am also going to publish the project as a book after I succeed in life. Should I do this, guys?

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While pushing yourself to the pique of human performance in a number of areas is certainly possible and many have done it (olympic athletes, world-class chess players, neuro surgeons, and so on), giving yourself the timeline of “a month or less” is incredibly unrealistic – particularly if your goal is to be “infinitely” better in multiple areas.

It takes gymnasts, for example, years to perfect themselves, and not all of them succeed. There are many variables including natural talent and ability – which you may or may not have in some or all of these areas.

My biggest question, in answer to your “Should I do this, guys?” is Why? To what end? What is the point?

If you are at all serious about this, I would start by choosing one of those areas, do your research, and get to work – expecting that much time and dedication will be needed to get to where you’re going. Expect setbacks, ask for help, reassess regularly, and don’t give up.

Once you make some headway, look into starting a new, concurrent goal and see how realistically that fits into your life. And repeat.

“a month or less” – C’mon.

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Motivation to succeed in self education while on your parents or student loan is rare. Congratulations. Learn as much as you can while your living at home for free, or on a student loan, is a perfect way to spend your time.

I am on disability and spend my time reading and learning all that I can.

I wanted to be as smart as Dr. Doom or Mister Fantastic. Give your self all of your free to time to study. Take your eye health seriously and take frequent breaks.

Eat healthy and take care of your body and you will be more able to concentrate on studies.

There is a theory that it takes 10,000 hours to master a subject or skill.

I reached that point then went mad because I hit a road block with girls. I told a doctor that I was an immortal time traveller and was committed for 5 months.
I was put on permanent disability and I have all the time in the world to read and watch math videos on YouTube.

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The area of interest that you might like is the study of eugenics. How to make the perfect human.

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Another term that you might like is becoming a polymath. An expert in everything.

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This is just all over the place. You want to be athletic, intelligent, artistic, and sorry I have to laugh omnipotent at the same time? Focusing on one thing is hard enough. And you want to accomplish all of that at the same time.

And you are doing this for what? Just to become the best in school? Why not the best of the human race too, because you would be omnipotent?

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Good luck. Tell us how it goes. I can see this being an enormous failure when you ultimately give up.

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@Mimishu1995 Sounds like a great time to introduce humility at this point of the OP’s search. Will save him much grief. I learned too late but their is still time for the OP. When the student is ready the master will appear.

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Wow! You sound very full of yourself!
Be the very best person you can be by improving your personality and human-to-human interaction skills.
There is an old story, probably an Aesop Fable, that sorta goes like this:
“The North Wind and the Sun were arguing about who was the most powerful. To prove his power, the North Wind spied a man walking along a road and told the Sun that he could blow the man’s cloak off. So he started to blow. The more he blew, the more the man clutched his cloak about him until, finally, the North Wind gave up. Now it was the Sun’s turn, and he shown down warmly on the man. As the man walked he became warmer and warmer until he removed his cloak and draped it over his arm.”
So the moral of this story would be that warmth and kindness will get you more of what you want than cold, forceful, blustery acts.

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Consider if an accident or serious injury may derail your plans unless trained by a qualified patient coach.
Its going to take a long time to get to the top and anything could happen in the meantime.
Nothing guarantees success as the variables are immense.
zstart on one achievable goal first then go to the next step, one at a time.

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I think you would have a better chance jumping into a nuclear reactor and trying to become the Hulk.

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The correctness of your writing style, suggests to me that you MUST be kidding us, and that you know this is bullshit and are perhaps looking for counter-arguments to bring to annoying conversations you are having with people who say such things. Yes?

But to answer directly:

No. Humans don’t work that way. People are different, but everything tends to be best with some balance and moderation. If you focus on such concepts, you are surely denying some other aspects of your humanity, which you will be overall most effective if you embrace.

Exercise and study of subjects that interest you are very good things to do.

But extreme practices will backfire.

The ideas:
“infinitely intelligent”
“infinitely artistic”
“the most effective intense and perfect training regimen”
“infinitely strong in a month or less”
“infinitely improve my brain cognitive functions and everything else”
“to draw infinitely better”
are all just bullshit nonsense.

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