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Are these students being offensive?

Asked by jeansucks (7points) January 26th, 2021

There’s some people in my class, they constantly greet each other by saying “Konnichiwa” and call each other “senpai”. Before telling them anything I want to know if there’s anything culturally wrong with this? As far as I know, neither of them are Japanese. This is all happening in French class. Help.

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Maybe they’re just into languages and joking around.

If it’s not overt racism, you have to be careful in how you proceed. Perhaps mentioning to the teacher if its in the classroom?

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They’re majorly into anime. And they’re a little off.
Senpai is what you call an upperclassman, not someone who is an equal in your peer group. An equal would be the person’s name followed by “kun.”

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About on the same level as Trekkies talking to each other in Klingon.

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I wouldn’t rat on them. I’d just leave it alone.

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Saying “Hello master” in Japanese doesn’t sound offensive to me.

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1. means: Good Afternoon! 2. means a person of respect.

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It’s a little cringey, but I wouldn’t call it “offensive”. I’d encourage them to study the Japanese language and learn about Japanese culture rather than simply skim the surface and parrot what they encounter online.

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Yea anime is really big now. It’s not offensive, just nerdy. Just like it’s not offensive for Japanese people to like hip-hop and call their friends “homie” or something.

The people I knew in the navy that lived in Japan said rap and hip hop are huge over there.
The world is becoming more connected, so cultures are gonna mix. This is a good thing.

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They ade just talking to each other right? I’d say leave them alone. If they don’t behave obnoxiously to other people and just do this between themselves, then you really shouldn’t interfere. It’s not your business.

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You might bring it up by asking why they do it. It could lead to a discussion about cultural appropriation and possibility toward being offensive. It could lead to a great teaching/learning situation.

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