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Are there any pop songs where you like the use of autotune?

Asked by rockfan (13818points) January 26th, 2021 from iPhone

I’ve hated autotune in pop music for years, but recently I’ve come across competent singers that use it as an instrument and not as a crutch. The autotune gives the music a certain atmosphere that I really enjoy:

Go As a Dream – Caroline Polachek

What do you think of autotune used this way? And what do you think of the song I mentioned?

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I’m more of a Cher Believe and Kanye Heartless kind of autotune fan, personally.

Your song is nice for certain moods, for sure.

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Level of Concern by Twenty One Pilots has some autotune that put me off at first. Now I love the song

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Antoine Dodson, “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.”

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Being a singer, I’d much rather hear it used for effect than to compensate for someone’s lack of intonation skills.

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Anything by Zapp and Peter Frampton—of course it wasn’t called “autotune” back in the day.

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That’s because it wasn’t auto tune.

Auto tune is digital technology that automatically corrects changes the pitch of a note. What you heard from Peter Frampton et al was a sound tube leading the sound of the guitar (or other instruments) being played through the artist’s mouth.

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@jca2 you beat me to that. The two songs are awesome!

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Autotune helps musicians to observe, modify and tweak every note of a song. That also includes modification of notes played by instruments (not just voice). The idea behind autotune was to smooth out the imperfections of singers, who could go off tune on some notes, especially when singing long passages. The idea is great on paper but if you think about it critically, it is very flawed. The beauty of music and singers is in those little imperfections. We admire singers who are pitch perfect. Even their small imperfections lend beauty to the song. Autotune robs all these romantic elements out of a song. Anyone can sing on autotune because no matter how tone deaf the singer is, autotune smooths his/her voice out. It is like listening to a robot singing. No life…
The atmosphere you spoke about in your question, is the BG that electronic tunes impart on a song. Of course, electronic music is good (when used with discretion) but autotune on voice is horrible, as it kills the soul of the song (and that of the singer).

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