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Is anyone else from Fluther on Goodreads?

Asked by janbb (60918points) January 26th, 2021

I just joined because a group in my congregation is using it. I had resisted so far because it felt like it made reading a competitive sport in my mind – even if only with oneself. And I don’t particularly care for Amazon knowing my reading habits or who my friends are. If you use it, have you added friends through your email or FB accounts or just one by one? Do you enjoy using it?

To be honest, I spend a lot of time fairly fruitlessly online and am wondering if this will be more positive or just another time suck.

Not looking for anyone to blow their cover there; just some reactions.

Posting in General to keep the conversation on topic.

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I have one, rarely used it. I never liked the layout and it didn’t make much sense to me. I tracked what books I read/wanted to read and that was it. Never did anything else and barely kept up with tracking.

I don’t like rating books is the main thing.

But it can be useful to find good books I suppose. I just don’t prefer the site. (I go to goodwill and buy 3 million books instead)

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I did have people in my family added, I don’t recall doing it through facebook or even linking my facebook

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Yes, I’ve been on Goodreads for a few years now. I use it to set my reading goal for the year (this year 35 books) and I keep track of when I start reading something and when I finish it. For me it isn’t competitive. Although I do have “friends” on Goodreads from social media, I mostly use what they post to get ideas on what to read rather than compare how quickly or how much I’m reading with them. I also use Goodreads to look up authors, see what their most-read and highest-rated books are and add books to an ever-growing list of books I want to read. It’s a good resource for any avid reader, even if you’re not interested in the “social media” aspect of it (although I have participated before in the debates that occur in the comments of reviews, I generally avoid that).

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I read a lot on a Kindle, and it automatically lists what I’m reading on Goodreads. I never ever go to the site to review any information.

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Just logged in for the first time in awhile, now I feel bad with so many following my reviews.

Honestly, I read too much and too fast to record everything for other people, and my mix is extremely eclectic. I need some money if they want too much of my time. haha!

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I stopped Goodreads as it ONLY had U.S. authors and not international its only reviewing one country and leaving the rest of the world behind.
I use Amazon
Penguin Classic Books
sometimes search UK books sites as well , since not all are in Canada or U.S. but a broader view of European Books.
For Book collectors I go on Addyman Books ( surprisingly cheap)

Addyman Books – Rare, used, and out-of-print books

Specializing in rare books, out-of-print books, used books, secondhand books, and other hard-to-find books.

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I’m on Goodreads. I made even a review recently of “Sam Johnstone – 1 – Misjudged” by James Chandler. You can read it. It’s recent, you can find it by viewing the reviews of that book by most recent, and finding “luigirovatti” or something as the user who made it. It’s easy to find.

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Penguin Classic books sounds right up @janbb ‘s ally !

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@SergeantQueen Oh yes, I could waddle right down! lol

I am not really look for more book suggestions. i always have a list a mile long of titles I’ve heard about from friends and book club members. So I will see if it is useful.

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I have “been on Goodreads” for a dozen years, but have not updated in maybe ten years. Checking a quotation took me there a couple months ago and I started getting updates again.

I have received an update everyday on what @Hawaii_Jake is reading (or read) for the last couple weeks, The House of Impossible Beauties.

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^I finished that one and enjoyed it a great deal I read almost only gay literature.

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@zenvelo They don’t send you emails on what people are reading, do they? That would annoy me.

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I have an account but never use it, like others. I don’t write book reviews—I do write movie reviews on Letterboxd so that’s about as close as I come.

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So far I have to say I’m find it really annoying.

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Not Goodreads here but here is often where I find titles of good books to read, wwhen jellies are asking for good books.

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@si3tech Oh for sure. I’m always recommending books to people and talking about them.

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Seen today on the internet:

A reader is someone who is in the habit of reading. A Book Person has turned reading into an identity. A Book Person participates in book culture. Book People refer to themselves as “bookworms” and post Bookstagrams of their “stacks.” They tend towards language like “I love this so hard” or “this gave me all the feels” and enjoy gentle memes about buying more books than they can read and the travesty of dog-eared pages. They build Christmas trees out of books. They write reviews on Goodreads and read book blogs and use the hashtag #amreading when they are reading. They have TBR (to be read) lists and admit to DNFing (did not finish). They watch BookTube and BookTok. They love a stuffed shelf but don’t reject audiobooks and e-readers; to a Book Person, reading is reading is reading.

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@zenvelo Ha and oy! I prefer interacting about books and reading in person rather than boasting about them on social media.

I’m dipping my feet into Goodreads but I doubt I’ll use it much. For one, it’s another timesuck and I already have them and for two, I think it’s mainly a marketing tool for Amazon to know even more about what products they can push on you. But I fool them, I use the library!

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