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After a death in hospital, do you have to continue with healthcare premiums until all bills are paid?

Asked by Jeruba (53237points) January 26th, 2021

Does coverage cease at death? What about hospital charges that were incurred prior to death but billed afterward? Will they still be covered by medical insurance even if premiums stop?

I know you can’t tell me what’s in the person’s policy. I just want to know what’s usual and expected. I never thought about this before.

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I wouldn’t think you’d have to continue premiums but it’s too important to guess at. Call the insurance company. You’ll probably have to provide a death certificate.

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Probably not but the is owing they can recover from the Estate for costs.

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I wouldn’t think so. Bills incurred during the covered time should be covered.

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I would only pay to make sure he had coverage while hospitalized, I’m not sure if you pay at the beginning for the month ahead? Probably worth a call to your insurance company to be sure. I think if you tell them your husband died they will tell you anything or everything you need to do.

When you are billed for the services is irrelevant.

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@Inspired_2write, can you say that another way? I couldn’t make it out.

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@Jeruba I think he means if you owe money for the healthcare the debt doesn’t die with your husband. The hospital would be paid by your husband’s estate. The bill collectors get paid prior to the estate being dispersed to the heirs. When you’re married some things you own together 100%, but other parts of his estate were probably in his name solely. Most likely you are responsible for the debt if everything automatically went into your name.

Edit: there is some variation by state, but that’s the basic concept.

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No, no more premiums are required, the coverage and premiums end with the death of the covered person. The benefits that were due through the treatments are still paid after the fact.

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Here in Canada we pay on a monthly basis.
Anything outstanding can be recovered from the Estate.
However after retired we all get it paid automatically thought our Health Plan which takes care of its seniors.

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Health insurance should cover anything that happened while the policy was active (and before death)...provided the premiums were paid. YOu would not have to pay the premiums after death, as you are no longer needing coverage for that person who died.

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@Inspired_2write I don’t think you understood the question. She was asking about coverage, not bills.

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I recently lost my Father. I called his insurance and they cancelled it and covered all the bills up until death.

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@Dog Sorry to hear that but lovely to see you here. Miss you on Fluther!

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