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What do you think of 2000 movie The Patriot?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (20888points) January 26th, 2021

I have never seen it before, but I’ve read reviews on it on the Internet and seen videos of it on Youtube. There are conflicted opinions about it. Some say it’s insulting to history and offensive, especially to the British and black. Others say it’s great as a movie intended to entertain.

Personally, I’ve watched the trailer, and from that moment I already didn’t take it seriously I laughed so hard as I watched the trailer :D. But there are people who say the costumes and the fighting scene are really well-done so I’m pretty conflicted about whether I can get anything good from it.

So my question is, if someone with no knowledge of the Revolutionary War whatsoever like me is to watch the movie, will it become a bad influence? Or is there anything good that I can take away from it?

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I can’t watch anything with Mel Gibson in it. He was the lead male actor.

Gibson is/was a known fall down drunkard, and a vicious anti-Semite. He could be the best actor in the world (which would be remarkable based on his past work) and I still wouldn’t watch his movies.

So this is an uninformative answer, @Mimishu1995 for which I apologize. But I can’t separate the man from the role.

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It’s okay as a movie about he American Revolution, but it isn’t great. It’s essentially the same treatment as Gibson gave to Scots fighting the British in Braveheart, a fictionalized account that is not historically accurate.

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@zenvelo I haven’t watched Braveheart either so I have no point of reference here I’m afraid.

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Agree with @elbanditoroso I won’t give Mel Gibson a second of my time. Shame, because I love Braveheart and I refuse to watch it again.

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I agree with @Caravanfan and @elbanditoroso.

GibSonOfHitler has also made some atrocious comments about black people.


If Gibson ever makes a movie about the Vietnam War, I heartily suggest that you avoid it.

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@Brian1946 “If Gibson ever makes a movie about the Vietnam War, I heartily suggest that you avoid it.”
– Too late! We Were Soldiers Once… and Young (2002)

I’ve seen many Gibson films (I do separate his performances/films from the actor’s own real-life character, and like some of his films, as action flicks), and part of The Patriot, and I’d say it is very similar to many Gibson films, in that it has stylized violent heroic action, and yes like Braveheart it’s only semi-historical. If you do watch it, try not to think of it as an accurate portrayal of history, and recognize it as an action film dressed up in history and going for emotional reactions including cheap “patriotic” reactions from not-so-well-informed US viewers.

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I liked the movie, but not enough to own it.
I know Mad Mel has stepped into a lot of shit, but he is a great storyteller.

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@Zaku going for emotional reactions including cheap “patriotic” reactions from not-so-well-informed US viewers.

So I should treat it as a propaganda movie? Ok, got it. That’s the best point of reference I have so far.

@Brian your point of reference is good too. I think I can already imagine how that man depicts my country…

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I actively avoid Mel Gibson movies, and besides that, it is misnamed.
If the main character was really a patriot, he would have been fighting on the British side.
That is my hot take.

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@ragingloli If the main character was really a patriot, he would have been fighting on the British side.

Care to elaborate? My knowledge of Mel Gibson, whatever his name is, is limited to what I see on this thread. And I have never watched any of his movie whatsoever. So I’m not sure if your response is based on the movie’s plot or that Gibson guy as a person.

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The “revolutionaries” were traitors. The true patriots were those defending the authority of their rightful king.

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@ragingloli – Winners are always patriots, and losers are traitors.

But you know that liebchen.

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The Revolutionary War is one of the least understood and most mythologized periods of American history. A few good researchers have managed to write a handful of decent biographies & other nonfiction books. But for the most part, our popular culture just never grasps the scope and reality of events the way we relate to the Civil War or other events.

Mel Gibson is an entertainer not a humanitarian. We give a pass to almost every ignorant, greedy, misogynistic, gang connected rapper that can cut a record – but we just can’t get over Mel.

Oh well.

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I loved it, also loved Braveheart.

Generally it shows Mel as a man destroyed by war that refuses to fight anymore, to save his family and his soul.
When he is forced to action to protect his son, he must once again, go back to violence.
It’s a very compelling story.

Mel Gibson the man may be a jerk but he’s a good actor.

If I had to compare the story line, it’s like a Bruce Lee movie where he finally gets fed up and goes crazy on his enemies.

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The only good thing about “Braveheart” is this rap battle

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The movie is consistent with the rest of his movies. Over here we can stream it for nothing or next to nothing. You love films, so you should by all means see it, if only to broaden your perspective on good and bad movies. The one thing, I will grant Gibson, is that his movies always have good technical production standards. I don’t count the Lethal Weapon stuff.

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@ragingloli Bahahhaaha! “I’m Wallace, I’m flawless”......that’s great!! Thanks for sharing!

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“If the main character was really a patriot, he would have been fighting on the British side.”
– Yes that’s one of the immediate clues that the film is for people who don’t think critically.

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Ditto @elbanditoroso also agree with @JLoon to a certain extent. I still say the hell with Mel though.

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I’m able to enjoy historically inaccurate movies as long as they’re well made (Braveheart, Gladiator, Argo, JFK) but personally I thought The Patriot was a slog to get through.

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Also, my high school history class watched The Patriot and my teacher was really annoyed that I was bringing up all the factual inaccuracies lol. He was a nice guy but a terrible teacher. He even taught us the “JFK/Lincoln coincidence list” as thought it was all factual.

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Thank you everyone for commenting. I think I’ll follow @stanleybmanly‘s advice and watch the movie as a lesson on how not to write a historical story. I’ll keep in mind that I’m watching a propaganda movie and resist taking everything seriously maybe except for the costumes, because Google hasn’t helped me much with that. Maybe I will ask a follow-up question to this to ask about the specific inaccessible everyone is talking about too, after I finish watching the movie. I hope that could be a good way to learn history, and at least something good I can take away from this awful thing :)

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