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Any new discoveries of really delicious grocery items?

Asked by JLeslie (63059points) January 27th, 2021 from iPhone

I tried So Delicious non-dairy ice cream popsicles today and they were delicious! They are mocha ice cream, coated in chocolate and almond pieces. The company has additional products. I bought it in Walmart.

Here’s the link:

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Chocolate pudding. Not so new but generally overlooked.

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^^Is it the same Old Bay classic flavor just in a liquid?

You reminded me that I haven’t bought their blackened spices in a long time. I really like it for fish.

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Everyone makes fun of me, but I love herbed goat cheese. In my younger years I hated it, but I guess my taste buds evolved.

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@JLeslie Have you had the big Mexican HELADOS fruit popsicles. They’re by no means new, but for some peculiar reason I can never find them in the big chain grocery supermarkets here. You need to go to the Mexican Bodegas and produce markets. They are just fantastic places for all and any produce. That goes for both quality and price. I tell you, those fruit bars are wonderful. And I’m particularly addicted to the lime bars.

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I’ve been buying the same 4 flavors of hummus for the past 15 years at a family owned grocery store, and recently I stopped by Kroger and went over to the Sabra hummus section for the first time. My jaw dropped at all the unique flavors lol, I really had no idea they were that expansive. I bought the olive tapenade, artichoke, lemon twist, pine nut, and black bean.

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@rockfan Careful, that olive tapenade is addicting. I love it!

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@stanleybmanly I prefer Frozefruit, a nondairy product, and my husband likes the Outshine coconut popsicles. I’m not sure if Outshine is nondairy? I don’t remember. It might be lower cholesterol than Helados I’m not sure. Helados I usually see in a three pack, and we don’t like all of the flavors.

We actually don’t buy a lot of frozen desserts. Luckily, I don’t crave ice cream very much. I’m more of a brownies, cookie, cake person. I like fresh fruit usually better than fruit in ice creams and I don’t like pies much at all, very picky.

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Cherry tomatoes make an exellent snack food.

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Safe Catch Ahi Wild Yellowfin Tuna

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I found this a couple of years ago, they’re only available in the summer and can be hard-to-find, but cherry-plumbs are incredible.

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@JLeslie the sauce is a hot sauce like Frank’s or Texas Pete with the spice mix added to it. I found it in with the other hot sauces.
One of my friends posted about on FB , we both do a lot of BBQ and post about cooks we have done.

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“Outshine” frozen pops are great! I particularly like the pineapple.

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@gorillapaws Sounds delicious. I’m going to look for them. I assume they are out of season now. I usually only buy plums in the summer.

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Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA is good food.

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^^^^ i see what you did @hello321 ! ^^^^

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