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Make a web page for collecting and displaying names?

Asked by HeNkiSdaBro (392points) September 9th, 2008

I am trying to help a swedish orchestra to survive by making a name list on a web site where people can enter their names to show support for the orchestra. Would there be an easy way to make such a site or are there already made scripts and/or databases that could be used for this purpose?

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so like a petition? there are lot of free petition sites:,, or google it.

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wordpress Is probably your best solution.

* et to mant oiyss*

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petition is the word! Thanks for that. It is a rather important petition that needs to be done with lots of people signing. A Swedish speaking site would be preferred for the older generation as well as having a site without advertisement and clutter. As easy as possible would be the best option. Like creating one in dreamweaver maybe and making a quick database connection?

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The site you’re describing isn’t complicated, but if you want it to be in Swedish, have no ads, etc., you’ll probably have to build it yourself. You could most likely adapt Wordpress or some other off-the-shelf CMS system, but that would still require plenty of customization, as these aren’t designed just to collect input from visitors and display it. They provide a flexible platform for you to build on, but you still have to do that building.

The most important question is: What skills do you have in this area? Have you made websites before? Created databases?

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WordPress could be a good solution. You might want to look for any petition plug-ins developed for WordPress. There are so many now there might be something close to what you need,

If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, check out Google Sites ( They offer some very basic site templates. One might work for you if you don’t mind listing the names manually. And its free.

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You can try this Petition Script It’s open source, but aside from that I know nothing about it. I don’ t even know if it has language options or not, though.

You could use Wordpress and use the Guestbook Generator for your petitions. Just make sure you have Akismet turned on so you don’t get it spammed and I’d make someone moderate it and approve each one. But I’m paranoid so yeah. You’ll also need this plugin, Paged Comments if you want it to go to multiple pages.

As far as free hosting goes, I understand they’re trying to save themselves, but I would just pay for a host. It’ll cost you about $125 USD (which is like a nickel to you Europeans), but you’ll have no banners or ads and you’ll have a real domain name instead of or whatever, you’ll have <-which is available (I just checked on

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Thanks for your replies! I have basic database knowledge, but do own Dreamweaver CS3 which has built-in features for easier database solutions. Is there anyone who can give me a crash course in creating a recordset, a form to submit info to a database and creation of a list that displays names entered?

What about the Spry framework that is built-in inside DW? Isn’t that an option? Is it possible to create a dynamic list that simply adds names to an XML file that dynamically can display the names without the use of a database?

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Yeah. Here’s a crash course located at the mysql website . But are you using mysql? And here’s a whole site dedicated to php and mysql.

As far as spry goes, spry is just an ajax framework. It cannot create data. It can retrieve and display it. You may want to look at this demo of spry which imports the rss feeds. You can create a form to submit it to an xml file, but reading thousands of entries from a flat file is more processor intensive – although xml is a flat file it may be treated differently since it has it’s own rules so it may be less intensive. But it can be done. You can check here for some quick info and you can try this from Kirupa

This here is exactly what you’re looking for, but in ASP so you’ll have to convert it to PHP, but it should work the same. This also does the same thing, but it’s not a tutorial so you’d have to do some legwork, but it is written for PHP. This should also be helpful.

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Thanks for all of your help this far. I looked into all the different options and found some great tips on how to implement AJAX into your results. I did manage though to simply create a database manually via the MySQL GUI tools and create the table needed for the petition. Then I used Dreamweaver CS3’s built-in data tools to create a form that inserts to that database and a list page that dynamically fetches the data from the database.

Now what would be nice would be to get your newly entered name to show up in a list on the same page without refreshing the page. Like here on Fluther. That would be great. Is there anyone who can help me on this one. I read something about the SimpleXML thingy that automatically exports the database data into XML which later can be used to display dynamic pages through Spry. Can you guys help out?

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