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Why is it that some people get so self-righteous over things, objects, devices, etc.?

Asked by poofandmook (17290points) September 9th, 2008

This sort of goes hand-in-hand with a thread we had recently about Macs. Several people pointed out the all-too-frequent mentality of Apple enthusiasts that is nothing short of a superiority complex, just over a silly computer (or phone, or mp3 player, etc) Anyone who even dares speak negatively about their precious “thing” is met with vehemence and nothing less.

What’s the deal with that? Why should people be treated like dirt just because of their choice in meaningless objects? Are these people lacking something in their lives that all they have to cling to are their electronics?

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I like apples, but I’m not going to kill someone who likes pears or bananas or oranges….

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I like Macs, and I get REALLY @#$%ING TIRED of people spreading misinformation about them.

It’s fine if you don’t like Apple products, I respect that. But you don’t need to justify that dislike with misinformation. And if your dislike is based on misinformation, well, more fool you.

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It’s the people, not the products. There will always be a group of people who decide what the ‘in’ accessory is and then that device will get a reputation of catering to uppity people.

If those same jerks were using windows, then that would be ‘in’ type of product. A lot of it has to do with how the devices are portrayed in the media.

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cwilbur’s response… that is exactly what I’m talking about. Why does it have to be that rough? It’s an object! Who CARES? Maybe Mac products should come with a free introductory anger management class?

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It’s a validation thing. For someone to be right about something, others must think they are correct as well. After all, if it’s universally true Mac is the best, than everyone must know and agree that Mac is the best.

By the way, I love Mac’s Chili lipstick.

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@tinyfaery: does it taste like chili? That would be gross. lol ;)

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poofandmook: what’s rough, in me expecting you to not spread misinformation?

Clearly you care, since you got all upset when I corrected you.

You got caught in an error. You could have accepted the correction and moved on, but instead you chose to call me “self-righteous.” Get over yourself—or should I start a thread calling you out entitled “Why is it that some people get so self-righteous when they’re caught in a mistake?”

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This happens when the object gets incorporated into the person’s self-identity. If they see a certain brand (Apple, Harley, Jeep, Rolex, Coach…) as somehow making a statement about who they are, then any slight against that product is taken as a commentary on them as a person. They’ll feel compelled to defend that product as they might their own character.

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I don’t think the reaction you see is how the other person feels about a particular OBJECT. I think it’s that the person who is reacting strongly DISAGREES with the other person (who, in this case, simply says the “Mac is not good”). Haven’t you seen people present FACTS, or haven’t you yourself ever presented FACTS that you KNEW were right then see people actually ARGUE that you’re wrong and they’re right? And they don’t let up. Like the Eveready Bunny, they’ll keep “going and going”. I can see how this would be misperceived. It’s like two people fighting over who the better team is or the better political candidate.

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@cwilbur: I’ve PMed you. I’m not carrying this on in public anymore. This question isn’t isolated to you. Your reaction simply made me think.

@Mr_M: I don’t think it’s just about disagreements. Look at the commercials. They make the Windows user look like a complete tool. Don’t you think that’s a little self-righteous?

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Objectively, it is true that Macs are far superior to PCs. Mac users feel that Windows fans are unenlightened. 50% of people who are buying their first computer let the salesman tell them what they want. Macs are more expensive, so the other 50% of new buyers buy Windows.

Philosophically, buying a superior quality product gives you immense satisfaction. Sometimes, especially with fashion products, the name brand boosts the ego in cases of low self esteem. But as far as Macs go, it’s an elightenment issue where people just don’t know how much better a Mac is. It’s the fight against ignorance that riles the Mac afficiondos.

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@poof, to tell you the truth, I’ve been a loyal Windows user for 25 years yet I think the commercials are valid. Next computer I get will BE a Mac. I think the commercials ARE right on. Is it the Mac side that is self righteous or the response of the Windows users to the truth that have the problem? Think about it.

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poofandmook, and commercials for Brand X, when they compare, make the users of Brand Y look like complete tools.

People who have nothing better to base their self-esteem on invest their self-worth in their possessions, and become brand conscious. Look at all the people wearing Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch—or Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, or really, pick any other brand that prominently displays its label. When you attack the possession, you’re attacking the person’s self-worth. Advertisers have clued right in to this, and when they want to sell you a particular product, they try to make other products seem less worthy and the users of other products seem ridiculous.

As far as I’m concerned, whatever you want is fine—but if you’re going to advocate for or against something, do it with verifiable facts, not untruths. To take the original example: there are dozens of reasons to not like iPods. Not liking them because you can’t play MP3s on them, however, is just foolish, because all iPods can play MP3s. Or not liking Macs because they’re more expensive—when you can go to the Dell website yourself and find out that a Dell built with comparable quality and performance components costs within 5% of the cost of a Mac—and there’s a good chance that the Mac will be cheaper.

Like whatever things you like, but if you try to advocate for or against certain things based on untruths, don’t be surprised when people step up and correct you.

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Good point cwilbur, but humans must discriminate & categorize everything they encounter. If we didn’t do this, our species would become extinct. It’s like that massive pile of floating plastic products stretching for hundreds of miles, swirling around in the Atlantic. The seabirds who can’t discriminate plastic from food, eat plastic and die with bellies full of empty bleach bottles. The birds who categorize bleach bottles as inedible, live.

We each have to decide what we like & what is acceptable to us. If we tell someone else what our standards are and they feel insulted, well the poor babies are too immature to stand up & believe in their own convictions & beliefs without feeling someone is dictating a lifestyle to them.

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This is a very defensive thread, and a deliberately offensive one as well. I guess you were right poof. The responses here seem to me to be very disproportionate to the question.

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@cwilbur: Do I have to say, yet again, that this question does not revolve around my issues with you? I’ve responded to you via PMs already.

@Mr_M: Unless you’re a hardcore gamer or do an insane amount of specialty work… say… editing maybe… I don’t think the average user (web browsing, moderate downloading, word processing, spreadsheets, etc.) probably won’t notice a lot of the features that make Mac a better machine… or at least, won’t be terribly affected if their Dell/HP/whatever doesn’t have those features. That doesn’t make the average user a tool or an idiot… I think it just means they’re willing to accept something that’s not so fancy-shmancy. No?

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@poofandmook: yes, and I’m commenting on the issues at hand, because I think I have something to add. I recommend, especially based on your PMs, that you stop projecting and take a deep breath, because not everything is aimed at you as a personal attack.

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wow, for once, I’m not the person who can’t just let it go.

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We’re all friends here. Calm down guys.

The question does seem a little loaded and maybe aimed at an issue you’re already having.

When I get pissed off about an email, text message or post, I read it to myself in a cheerful voice. That way I always take it with the best possible sentiment. You guys are probably both good people with good hearts. Don’t stress about a trivial question on the interwebs.

also the people near my office think I’m crazy when I speak to myself in a cheerful voice

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Well, both sides of the debate have legitimate arguments, just think about it for a second, folks.

But one thing I have learned is that, in a public forum, you’d better check your facts before you lay a claim.

The other thing I have learned? Think how you present yourself before pointing out the mistakes of others.

And last but not least, be ready to admit your mistakes.

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I’m nobody, a nothing, and damn proud of it!

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Macintosh products are astheitically and ergonomically superior. Either you get it or you don’t.

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If you can’t see the difference between an Apple product and something else i just don’t know what to tell you.

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I feel the same way about bands, not useless products like the iPhone
If you cannot appreciate Sabbath, then don’t talk to me. Seriously.

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If you don’t like Raamstein or Dethklock you sukkk….

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Oh yeah Dethklok and Mastodon are coming to NYC

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where in NYC do you live liberal?

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Flushing, Queens
typical for an asian…
what about you?

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Cool. I’m on the upper west side. ....robot chicken

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Aww yeah
I’ll stop hijacking this thread now

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