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Will former president Trump pay the lawyers who got him acquitted?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32270points) February 13th, 2021

Or will he stiff them as well? He has a history of non-payment.

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Hahahahahaha…why do think the first team quit?

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They will be stiffed too!

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I think it’s a stretch to say they got him acquitted.

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Cowardly Republicans got him acquitted and will go down in history as traitors, as well they should.

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The lawyers did not get him acquitted. The GOP trump minions turned it into a filthy farce. He will pay back those deplorable GOP politicians who did not vote against him with his usual evil currencies of political compensation.

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His acquittal stands in no relation to the performance of his lawyers. They could have played a confession tape of drumpf bragging how awesomely he incited the insurrection, the republicans still would have voted to acquit.

Can we talk about how, when they delayed the trial until after the inauguration, they argued that there was not enough time for a trial, and now, after the inauguration, they argue that the trial was unconstitutional because drumpf already left office?
Fork-tongued, honourless snakes.

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The lawyers didn’t do anything to get Trump acquired. Trump’s acquittal was a sure thing before the Senate “trial”.

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