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Big bang machine?

Asked by eeyore200343 (180points) September 9th, 2008

do you think it will go well or not? im scared!

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either it wont do a thing, or it will discover something and all the religions of the world will go to war with science or the world will die.

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i love the LHC, why ? because religions are so scared about it, i think it’ll discover some hidden particles, but i don’t think anything bad will happen

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i hope not i dont wanna be sucked into a big black hole!

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In fact i am excited, i am not sure exactly why

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im scared someone please put my mind at rest

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why are you scared ? is your fear based on any solid facts or just what idiots yell ? well, okay, read this and stop bothering us with childish emotions…

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Ahhhh… but they make no mention of CO2 emissions, do they?

And don’t even think about how much of the most prolific greenhouse gas they might produce.

Oh noes! The world. It will burn!

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childish emotions you say? hmm well the fact that we could get sucked into a black hole is pretty scary! thanks for that website put my mind at ease

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…. It had better not, I’l be VERY angry if it does… That would just be plain unfair I mean I haven’t even kissed a girl yet.

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..with those thoughts it won’t cause any harm for the next…80 years ?

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2012 is it really going to happen?

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Yah, I think the summer Olympics will happen in London. Kinda too late for them to move it.

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Particle accelerators exist already. Sure this one is bigger and badder, but if small areas of the Chicagoland area (see Fermilab) haven’t been mysteriously wiped clean off the face of the earth due to tiny “black holes”, then I am sure the LHC will be no different. You have to remember… these are smart people who are running this thing.
It drives me crazy when people are scared of things they don’t understand.

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You know Les, there are those areas of DeKalb where it seems as if Fermilab has had the blackhole effect. :)

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@prancing: You mean like how all the Chicago radio stations mysteriously stop once you get off at Annie Glidden or Peace roads?

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lol, exactly. When I’m in my car in DeKalb, I can only listen to cd’s or AM radio.

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