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Why did men and women eat so differently in the 50s?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20364points) February 14th, 2021

On CBC television documentaries they claimed that in the 50’s some women ate cottage cheese and healthy vegetables. While men had meat and potatoes.

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Not all of them. In fact, I find it curious that you believe that.

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@stanleybmanly I saw it on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) channel. It was a documentary series about life in each decade from 50’s to current time.
It was titled “Back in Time for Dinner”.

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Dieting fads. Cottage cheese and vegetables aren’t necessarily healthy to subsist on. Meat isn’t necessarily unhealthy. Most dieting fads aren’t really healthy at all.

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Yeah, in the 70’s I remember my older sister being on a new fad diet and going to the gym was popular for women. My sister diet was eating no more than 1200 calories a day and the way most of the girls did it that way back then was eating lettuce and tomato sandwiches. No meat and no condiments like mayo or ketchup. Just a tiny bit of mustard. Also meat was expensive and it was believed that meat was mostly necessary for men because they had muscles and needed the protein. Tuna and cheese and salads were what women were expected to eat because they didn’t need to build muscles. Just get rid of unattractive fat. Men needed starches and meat.

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In the UK food rationing didn’t end until 1954. Women didn’t eat any differently from men if that’s what you mean. Both ate what was available.

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