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When you respond to a question does it sometimes get deleted?

Asked by KRD (1769points) February 15th, 2021

Sometimes my responses to questions get deleted. Does it happen with you and can you fix it?

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Here’s the Guidelines

If you don’t follow the Guidelines your response will dropped.

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Sometimes. But I can usually tell it will since I have been here so long. But sometimes it doesn’t.

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Do you mean you sometimes notice a response of yours has been moderated, or do you mean when you post the response it never shows up to begin with?

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We have moderators here and they will delete a response if it doesn’t meet the criteria as @Tropical_Willie has said. Read the guidelines. Usually, a reason will be given if your response is moderated such as: writing standards or off-topic or flame-bait.

Similarly, if you post a question and it is unclear or poorly written, it may be sent back to you for editing. That happens to all of us at times.

Response moderated (Writing Standards)
Response moderated (Writing Standards)
Response moderated (Spam)
Response moderated (Spam)
Response moderated
Response moderated
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As far as I can tell, all responses show up at least at first before being removed. The mods aren’t privy to what’s posted right off so it takes some time for a response to be removed, if it is destined to.

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