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Do you save the best for last? If so, how do you know when it's "the last"?

Asked by Jeruba (55919points) February 15th, 2021

Some people have closets and cupboards crowded with the good stuff that they’re saving for later. When is it ever the right time?

Are you one of those? Or do you just go ahead and use, eat, wear, sell, donate, or trash the damn thing?

If you never use it, what’s the difference between having it and not having it?

Note, this is not about keeping for emergency use or “just in case.” It’s about saving the best.

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There never is a “the last”.
Like that super powerful potion that you “keep in reserve” for a really strong boss. There always is a “next one” that you save it for.
Even when it is literally the last boss in the game, you do not use it, because you are afraid that after you use it, the boss goes “Ha! You fool! This is not even my final form!”.

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In the fridge I will have a hard time saving the best for last.

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You mean like a cabinet of fancy china, to be brought out only if royalty came over? Or a “good” sitting room that is never used, but always dusted?

I think being very aware of the nice things you own is sometimes connected to classism. Not always. It can also be a sentimental habit, or a sign of respect to family heirlooms. But when it’s just things, with no emotion attached, that just seems to say “I can afford all of this.”

The only things that are sort of comparable in my home would be a couple of dresses that I wear only for special occasions. Everything else is either used regularly, or I hold onto it for sentimental reasons.

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Nope. I was raised like that, and I just don’t care.

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I used to be, but I actively try to resist that modus operandi now. I had luxury brand shampoos, make-up samples, fragrances, and free full size product going bad in drawers, and several years ago I took them all out and started using them all up if they were still good. Now, I try to use those things right away.

I do have some things I save because I don’t need them now, I’m saving them for a date when I might need them later. I don’t think that is what you are talking about though. That’s more like hoarding maybe? But, I don’t have things all over the floors and table tops, it is more like a few closets or cabinets full of combined gifts to regift, sentimental gifts, wrapping paper, books I might never read again, extra folders and notebooks, puzzles, tape, glue, candles, and some other knick knacks. Since I am not a knick knack person in terms of house decorations, extra tchotchkes sit in cabinets and closets. I have vases that have not seen the light of day for twenty years.

On my dinner plate I am definitely a save the best bite for last.

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Only in a box of chocolates and not even always then.

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In terms of a meal, desert is last. Not always so in many other terms. Box of chocolates, I eat the favorites first.

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Repeating the footnote, for those who are hard of reading:

Note, this is not about keeping for emergency use or “just in case.” It’s about saving the best.

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I hadn’t thought about it, but I do that with some of my clothes. Now I’m wondering why. I’m special enough by myself. Why not wear them now?

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She usually tells me.

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I just remembered that I have a tin of Cougar Cheese in the freezer that I’ve had forever, saving for a big event (maybe the birth of a grandchild?) but will be coming out when both my daughter and I have had our second shots.

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According to Vanessa, I do. ;-p

I’ll know it’s the last when I see her restraining order with my own eyes! ;-0

I really like the following comment from that thread:

The first black Miss America and she received hate mail and death threats for her achievements. She was forced to resign after nude photos were published without her permission in the internationally published Penthouse Magazine. The western media attempted to disgrace this woman but thankfully she was unbreakable. Her beauty is unassailable.

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The last always comes right after the best.

Usually Thursday, 6:18 pm.

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We keep some things for “special occasions”, but if pantry gets low, we might decide it is a special occasion.

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I purchase Cross Stitch kits now when the prices are work on later as I continue working on the ones that I got previously first and if I want I can Always send one or two as a gift to my friend overseas as she also engages in this hobby.

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Yes, more than is useful… pre-COVID when I worked in an office, I’d wear the old familiar shirts & trousers over new ones until the old ones fall apart or are donated away. I had a brand-new shirt hang for a couple years unworn until a similar shirt got a massive stain one day.

On my dinner plate I’ll save at least a bit of my favorite thing so the last bites are my favorite flavors.

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I do that with certain clothes, and eventually use them when I’ve run out of the rest, such as a shirt with a beautiful jeweled design, which I finally wore this year at Christmas. All my other party clothes have been tossed over time, and I don’t buy clothes anymore.

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