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Do you know what a Chibibotto is?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) September 9th, 2008

I love chibibottos but they only made a few why? I ask in dismay there is not even a wiki of it. ITS NOT EVEN ON EBAY…... Its just so sad…. what did chibibottos do to derisive this. And to top it all off the world is going to end.

And so my Q is have you ever herd of the chibibotto and what if so do you know about it?

(Please excuse the drama)

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Sounds like a Mexican dessert.

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No, but I do know all about Chibi-Robo.

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Or a very tiny dog that is quite nicely dressed.

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I do believe it is a robotic toy… of some sort…

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never heard of it, but @melonking’s robotic toy sounds like a good guess.

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Maybe people were burned out with Tamagotchis.

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Found them! They are here

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Sounds like something you make with a tortilla.

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LOL! I like that! Good one!

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I’ve never understood the fake pet thing :(

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