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How to get out of being "friends with benefits"?

Asked by acrossdarkwinds (69points) September 9th, 2008

I’ve been seeing this boy for like two weeks. And I just asked him what to call us; and he said friends with benefits. This is my first “relationship” and I don’t think it should be a friends with benefits one. What should I do?

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Just tell him it’s not what you had in mind, and go about meeting new people until you find what you do have in mind.

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I can’t improve at all, on the previous answer, so I won’t try.

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Just make sure you become friends with NO benefits! Keep your clothes on.

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“Friends with benefits” is a BS way of saying he wants to take advantage of you and fool around with other girls.

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go for other guys and make sure he sees u with them if he gets hurt and confronts you, tell him its his fault for saying you 2 were friends with benefits, if he doesn’t mind then u know he’s not worth a relationship anyways.

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Just give him time, Carli. He isn’t ready for a relationship right now and for good reasons. Besides, Jer is a little crazy and getting into a relationship with him might be best taken slowly. I understand what you might be feeling, I do, and just be sure to keep YOUR options open. You’re at a new school and you look GREAT. Just up that confidence of yours and get out there. You’ll get someone, BETTER than Jer. But like I said, if you REALLY like him, just give him a little time. I’ll make sure he doesn’t fuck with you. I love you, sis.

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I think you need to think more of yourself and what you deserve. Why would you sleep with someone who announces he only wants you as an occasional lay until someone better comes along? That is what friends with benefits is.

Ask yourself what the benefit is to you? Drop him and look for someone new.

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And if you have been seeing him for only two weeks, I hope that you have not yet provided the benefits. Wait for someone who really cares for you and vice versa, please. This guy doesn’t sound like Mr. Right or even Mr. Sortof Right.

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@acrossdarkwinds Just go out with someone who cares about a relationship instead. If he texts don’t reply. If he calls, don’t answer :P

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stay away from this boy.

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Sorry to answer a question with a question…but, is he a good lay? ( That would kind of affect my answer.)

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If you had more experience and wanted the “benefits” without any attachment like he does, you wouldn’t be asking this question. Find someone better or spend some time with real friends. That’s not a relationship, and he’s told you as much. Say “no” to him.

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@nimis, She hasn’t slept with him.

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Well then, what “benefits” is he speaking of?

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@augustlan, Just kissing and cuddling. Maybe fondling. thats weird to think about since she’s my sister

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Ok…that’s much better :) Sounds innocent enough, but I wouldn’t want her to get her heart broken if she’s looking for a boyfriend and he doesn’t want to be one.

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Yeah, I hear ya. I’ll kick his ass if he messes with her. But he’s a good kid.
Oh, and sorry Carli for taking over your thread. I know you don’t get on much!
Think of it as me keeping your fluther seat warm lol

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@aneed, and you know for a fact it ends at fondling because…?

You are there?

And I’d say fondling is definitely a “benefit”, depending upon what’s being fondled and for how long.

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I agree with Mr M; that’s a lot of activity for only two weeks.

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Don’t ever entertain his friends with benefits because you wouldn’t be happy at the end of the day.. Because he can still mingle with the other girls.. Find someone who will be there as a true boyfriend that will totaly make you happy and respect you in a relationship.

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