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Should I make this last mortgage payment?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43237points) 1 month ago

We’re supposed to close on the house on March 17. Should I pay that last mortgage payment or save the interest?

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You don’t get out of paying it. When you sell, you have to pay everything you owe at the closing table unless you are short selling, which I’m assuming you aren’t short selling. Assuming you have been paying your mortgage all along then pay this one on time also or it will go on your credit as a missed payment.

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It wouldn’t go on as a missed payment unless it was past 30 days.

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I would err on the side of too much rather than too little so there’s nothing to be faulted for.

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I can’t imagine being faulted for being 2 weeks “late” after 21 years of mortgage payments.

I’m just asking what the most financially smart move would be. The mortgage will be paid in full on the 17th. What good will my last $700 do? Besides pay some interest?

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You pay the same amount no matter what. You have to pay what you owe. If you get a penalty for not paying on time you’ll have to pay that also if you don’t pay on time.

What you owe will be calculated to the day. If they owe you back half the month or 6 days of the month that will get credited to you.

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I withdraw the question. I will ask an actual financial expert IRL. Bye.

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You can also ask the closing agent. He’s the one paying everything off for you. If you want another professional opinion.

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I googled it and found this:

Before closing, the title company will order a ‘payoff’ from your current mortgage company. After confirming and calculating what you owe on your current mortgage, we deduct that amount from your proceeds at closing and send that payoff amount to your lender. For most folks their mortgage payments are due on the first of the month.

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If the payment is due prior to the actual sale, yes.

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