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If a very liberal Democrat is chosen as the presidential nominee in 2024 and a moderate Republican, will the Republican win?

Asked by JLeslie (63082points) February 21st, 2021 from iPhone

What scenario do you see the Republicans winning in 2024?

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I would think it would depend on the state the country is in at that time.
If the economy is doing good, unemployment is low ,and covid seems to be gone at that time, they might just opt to keep the democrats at the wheel, if things are crap they probably would want to change drivers at that time.

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The Republicans are having a long-overdue identity crisis at the moment. I don’t think anyone knows at this point what will have become of the Republican party by 2024.

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A moderate Republican can win, but I can’t think of any that can get the nomination.

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I agree with all of the above, including the reality that there are no forseable strong candidates for the Republican party. And after seeing how Trump was treated for four years, it is unlikely that any would want to.

It is extremely unlikely for a Republican to win again, no matter what the state of the country or situation of the people or economy. But with the Left’s control of media and social networks and their ability to silence and keep communications quelched, the best we can hope for is a GOOD liberal democrat who can actually accomplish what they promise.

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@Yellowdog Don’t underestimate the Dems ability to stab each other in the back.

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Even if a Democrat was VERY liberal (and I am conservative)—some Dems could probably do a lot of good things for the country.

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I think the types of voting regulations passed in the next 3 years may have an impact. If we ease voting restrictions and limit gerrymandering, for example, the dems will likely win federally for a long time.

On the other hand, dems largely focus on republicans. I don’t understand the mentality. The democratic convention, for example, seemed to be entirely focused on moderate conservatives. It’s like an unhealthy obsession, in my opinion.

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No. I think too many former “Republicans” have been soured by the antics of former president Trump. Enough to swing the balance to the Democratic side.

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@SQUEEKY2 sums it up very well. Voters can be wishy-washy as hell…

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@Cupcake Can you give an example regarding the Democrats obsessing about moderate conservatives at the convention or otherwise?

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I see Kamala Harris as President either “if” Biden passes away during his term or after his term.

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I want a definition of “a very liberal Democrat” and I’m particularly interested in examples of “moderate” Republicans. Maybe Romney or Collins?

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Senator Susan Collins, yes, is a ‘moderate’ republican in my perspective. Hard to say what Romney is, He pretended for a while to be a conservative.

As for a ‘very liberal Democrat—that would be the Squad.

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“Liberal” is very different from “progressive.”

If the Dems run a neoliberal, establishment darling like Kamala, Republicans could easily win with.a pseudo-populist right winger following the playbook of nativism and pretending to be anti-establishment.

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@gorillapaws The Republicans are already framing Kamala as left of AOC.

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@JLeslie Of course they are. The media too. The point is no matter how far to the right the Dem candidate is, the right will call them Maoists. What makes someone an actual progressive is the SOURCE OF THEIR FUNDING. Always follow the money and you’ll never be surprised.

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