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What is your interpretation of Stairway to Heaven?

Asked by Pandora (31269points) February 21st, 2021

I was recently going old favorites of mine and I remember listening to Stairway to Heaven and always having a sad feeling about the song even though I never really understood the lyrics.

Well I looked over the lyrics and I have a few different interpretations about it now but I’m not sure how accurate they are. I feel I’m missing or misinterpreting something in the song.

So what do you think the song was really about and how did you arrive at your interpretation.
I would like to hear different views on lyrics.

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I think…they were high.

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@Dutchess_III Possible, but songs are nothing more than musical poems. And high or not it can still mean something. Like looking to the west can mean sunset of someone’s life. I think it was basically about someone thinking that salvation can be bought but the shadow you cast in your life and what others think of you is what will determine if you go to heaven. Though not sure if the shadow is supposed to be a good thing or bad.
Or it could be about fame. All that glitters is gold. And how people use drugs to feel like they are in heaven but they really are just boulders that don’t roll or go anywhere and you won’t see recognize it till the end of your life or your career.

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@Pandora has one of (if not the) best interpretations I have ever read. The song is enigmatic or cryptic, but has meaning. And I think Pandora hit it better than I could.

Though I don’t think it was done deliberately, it is pretty interesting that about in the middle of the song, the line ‘there’s still time to change the road you’re on’—if you have it on a record album and a turntable—if you play that line backwards, it says, “Oooh here’s to my sweet Satan,” I cannot see how that line reverses to say this, but it does! That’s not just an urban legend but I don’t think it was deliberate.

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@Yellowdog The more I thought about it, I realized it had nothing to do with actual Heaven or even drugs. Hedgerows and May Queen were the hints. May Queen is at the front of a parade. Dressed in white. Hedgerows surround homes. So I’m thinking the crowds. So he’s talking about not paying mind to the hedgerows because they are just making way for Spring cleaning for the May Queen. I think he means don’t pay attention to the people who act like you are a big deal. The May Queen is the star. Then the part about casting a longer shadow then the soul. Soul as in soul music. And I wrote the part about boulder wrong. It was a rock that doesn’t roll. Again music. I think it’s about being tired of listening to all the people who pretend you are a big deal and don’t be distracted. Especial since his music was neither rock and roll, nor soul music. I think it’s about how things may look great and it may be easier to cave in and do what your being told to do, but its never too late to take the road you want to take.

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Awesome interpretation!

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I have no idea. It might as well say “The shrooms, man. They speak through me.”
That is why I prefer the straight-forwardness of punk rock

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This is a good article of its interpretation.
A good clue is “I am going to buy….
One cannot buy their way into Heaven, rather one has to earn that place thorough good deeds,compassion etc

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@Inspired_2write Interesting how he meant it more in a spiritual way. I wonder.

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@Inspired_2write Nice interpretation, but like @Pandora,‘s it’s one person’s interpretation. Or maybe it actually comes from a number of people…whoever Auralcrave Books is (the author of Mama Mia Let Me Go!)

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Or it didn’t have any deeper meaning atall.

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I always thought it sounded like they dropped some acid or some mescaline and just started letting the writing flow.

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Same here! They were high.

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Part of may be is about menarche.

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Five bucks to anyone who can tell me if there is a bustle in your hedgerow.

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@anniereborn I don’t have one but I bet the Queen of England has plenty.

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@anniereborn….yeah but don’t belong there.

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