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In need of some help?

Asked by Amy43 (20points) 4 days ago from iPhone

I’m getting behind in uni classes but it’s so hard to keep up these days! I’m so unmotivated

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Go to your advisor immediately. Don’t waste any more time or you won’t get caught up

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Make it a game. Don’t see it as a chore…

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What @chyna said. Contact your academic advisor to chat about options and a path forward. If your school has an advising center or academic achievement center or something similar — contact them too.

Do this immediately. Don’t let it snowball.

Remember, smart people ask for help.

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@Amy43 You have to approach the problem logically.

1. Why am I unmotivated?
2. How far behind am I? Is there a realistic chance of catching up?
3. Even if I can catch up, should I? Perhaps, by dropping out and getting a job, I’ll be better off.

I/ll give you my own example. After getting a Bachelors in Engineering, I decided to pursue an advanced degree. Midway through my quest, I was offered a full-time job at a nearby facility. My interest in the education, never strong to begin with, immediately vanished. I accepted the job, and the extra years of experience compared to waiting until I secured the advanced degree, meant that my long-term prospects did not suffer at all.

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