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In need of some help?

Asked by Amy43 (23points) February 22nd, 2021 from iPhone

I’m getting behind in uni classes but it’s so hard to keep up these days! I’m so unmotivated

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Go to your advisor immediately. Don’t waste any more time or you won’t get caught up

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Make it a game. Don’t see it as a chore…

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What @chyna said. Contact your academic advisor to chat about options and a path forward. If your school has an advising center or academic achievement center or something similar — contact them too.

Do this immediately. Don’t let it snowball.

Remember, smart people ask for help.

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@Amy43 You have to approach the problem logically.

1. Why am I unmotivated?
2. How far behind am I? Is there a realistic chance of catching up?
3. Even if I can catch up, should I? Perhaps, by dropping out and getting a job, I’ll be better off.

I/ll give you my own example. After getting a Bachelors in Engineering, I decided to pursue an advanced degree. Midway through my quest, I was offered a full-time job at a nearby facility. My interest in the education, never strong to begin with, immediately vanished. I accepted the job, and the extra years of experience compared to waiting until I secured the advanced degree, meant that my long-term prospects did not suffer at all.

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