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Any side effects from the vaccine?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10970points) 3 days ago from iPhone

Did you experience anything?

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Only some localized itching for about a week following Moderna shot #1 on February 14th. It’s still a little bit irritated, but nothing to cause concern.

I’ve never logged much of a reaction to anything from childhood polio vaccine onward through annual flu shots to shingles shots and pneumonia vaccine, so I didn’t expect any trouble, but I was on the alert anyway because this is an unknown. Nothing else registered.

One thing I did do right away and frequently for the next few days was gentle curls with a two-pound weight. My thought was that movement and flexing of the muscles of my left arm would help to distribute the vaccine and reduce any effects in the vicinity. Of course I don’t know if that helped, but it probably couldn’t have hurt.

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After Moderna #1, I had pain and swelling at the site for two days, and funky dreams. Nothing really noteworthy, except that the dog was fascinated by my arm.
I get #2 in three weeks, I’ll let you know if I react to that.

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Sore arm off and on for a day or so. Getting the second Moderna on Friday; will see what that does.

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I’ve had both vaccines, Pfizer. No side effects and no sore arm.
My second shot was 2½ weeks ago.

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I got the Moderna vaccine. First shot, no real side effects. Second, a slightly sore arm. But, then again, that arm is arthritic, so always sore, so hard to say what was a side effect and what was from not taking my daily dose of Alleve. The soreness kicked in the second day after the second shot, btw, but had pretty much disappeared by the evening of that day, tho’ not sure if because I broke down and took a couple Tylenol or just how it cycled through my body. Other than that, nothing.

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I’ve had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. I got a sore arm both times. That’s all.

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Moderna. Was exhausted – very tired – for about 24 hours. Otherwise nothing significant.

Second shot is this Saturday,

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Both shots—Moderna—no complaints—disappointed—must whine about something else.

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@AlaskaTundrea, was your not taking Aleve related in some way to getting the vaccine? I hadn’t heard that there were any pharmaceutical prohibitions associated with it.

Wondering if anybody besides me did the exercise thing and if it helped or made no appreciable difference.

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@Jeruba I had heard about the exercise thing, and did it with the flu shot last fall, but completely forgot about it this time.

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Sore arm both times. Nothing else to report.

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One shot of Pfizer. Arm a bit sore for a couple of days and nothing else.

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One shot of Pfizer so far. Later that day, I had some congestion and got really tired. Went to bed and woke up the next day feeling great except for a sore arm — which lasted 2–3 days.

Getting the second shot soon.

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I’m still waiting for my turn, but my parents only had sore arms, so I am hoping that is an indication of what will happen to me.

I know a lot of people who were bed ridden and I know a lot of people who had no side effects at all.

Rumor is to hydrate well. Who knows if that really helps or not.

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@Jeruba When I got the shot, they told us to stick to Tylenol or, I think it was, Advil. Something about Alleve and some other pain meds perhaps lessening the ability of the vaccine to do it’s thing and become as potent as possible. They gave us several handouts with info on that and such. That’s the only reason I opted for Tylenol initially. In normal life, for me, since the arthritis strength Alleve lasts for 12 hrs., it’s been my choice so as to limit the number of meds going down my throat. Tylenol arthritis strength advertises 8 hr duration. Advil, hmm, 4–6 hours. Fewer pills down my throat, the better.

One of the things I found intriguing and have shared with a shrug with friends, is that after the shot, the nurse giving me my second dose told me they recommended I not only drink lots of water, ie hydrate myself big time, but that I started it asap. The shot clinic folks had water bottles on a cart in the post-shot waiting area. I have no clue whether the fact I drank what seemed like gallons of water over the next 48 hrs.(just my own random decision of time) had anything to do with anything or not but, well, figured it couldn’t hurt and water is free. Maybe @caravanfan has some input on that when he gets a chance. I did some quick searches on it but didn’t find many mentions and the ones that mentioned it didn’t seem to find any proof for it being a plus, or minus for that matter. We do need to stay hydrated, tho’, so, as I said, figured it wasn’t going to be anything negative.

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@AlaskaTundrea Both Advil and Alleve inhibit inflammatory response, which is an immune response. Most doctors I’ve talked to seem to agree that probably not enough to stop the immune response to the vaccine, but they all say why take the chance and tell people to take Tylenol. That’s what I’ve heard, that isn’t any official advice from the vaccine companies. It would be nice to know what the people in the trials were taking.

In Florida sometimes people are driving to a vaccine location, waiting an hour or two, waiting 15 minutes afterwards, and then finally driving back home. All that time trying to not need to use the bathroom.

Part of suggesting water might be people are getting dehydrated just going through the process. Plus, people like to believe they are doing something to reduce symptoms, more likely to get a placebo effect. Or, maybe it actually does help.

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