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Can you think of at least one activity that could make you cry happy for being able to do it again once the Covid19 pandemic is over?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26150points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Watching a film in a movie house with other people and eating in a nice restaurant with a friend might make me a bit teary-eyed.

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Eating in a nice restaurant !

Maybe 2022 ? ?

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^^I’m optimistic here in our state it would be sometime this year.

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Traveling and hugging friends!

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Traveling to see friends and family.

Traveling more than two hours anywhere. Right now I do day trips (very few) but no overnights, and it is not always a “vacation” like thing, sometimes it is just going to a car dealer or supermarket. I did go to the beach last weekend, but I stayed at the beach for just an hour.

Doing in-person Zumba with a classroom full of people.

Visiting with my friends in their houses and in mine.

Coming home and not feeling like I need to strip after being in a store or near other people.

Eating at a restaurant.

Going to the theatre: symphony, musicals, concerts, and dance performances.

Going to Disney. I have been to Disney Springs once during the pandemic, but I have not been willing to go to the parks.

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Having family over for dinner (with hugs!).

Taking my wife on her 50th birthday trip we had to cancel.

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Going to a concert or seeing a musical. Visit friends and family and hug them!

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Travel to San Francisco to meet my niece, born in August, for the first time.

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Spending time with friends.
Doing work at a coffee shop on a slow weekend morning.
Sitting next to a student while working with them.
Not worrying every day that I’m bringing the virus home.
Getting my hair cut.

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Going out and about and not worrying about wearing a damn mask.
Being able to have coffee with friends at a coffee shop.

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This thread makes me realize I have been out of quarantine for so long I take the things I can do normally for granted…

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Going to some local outside concerts, eating at outside restaurants, and yes, maybe the movies again.

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@Mimishu1995….so does no one get Covid in Vietnam now? Or how is it handled if someone gets it?

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@Dutchess_III No one has Covid here, at least in my city. Actually there was a recent outbreak in another city, but everything is fine now.

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Hmmmm. Well, hopefully we’re on the mend too.

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Cheering at a packed concert with thousands of other fans. Especially a concert of my favorite current singer, Josh Tillman, AKA Father John Misty

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A big family gathering or a pool tournament, just being around people again would be great.

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Nothing comes to mind.

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I might cry a little at the first concert I am able to go to. I just want to hear live music.

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@sadiesayit Yes! Same here. Occupying a chair again at my favorite spot by the window in my favorite coffee shop reading and doing stuff on my laptop either on a weekend morning or late afternoon after work….would feel surreal at first and then I might, just might…sob. Lol

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Open mic nights… some of the people who went to one of them were so so good.

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