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What if there were alien animals on the surface of Mars?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10890points) 1 month ago from iPhone

What if our first rover discovered there were little reptilian-like animals the size of small dogs running around on Mars’ surface?

What would we have done next?

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Set up a Mars-dog-cam?

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That’s up to China.

The U.S. will never get there,

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What is there were aliens in Mars? We’d have known about them long before the rovers were designed. You see, we’ve been observing, recording and mapping Mars for a long time. The scientists would have picked up telltale signs of life (or movement or organic presence…something). So, if there were aliens on Mars, our rovers would have been quipped to handle that, instead of just doing what they are doing now.

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This is a ‘what if’ question, I think, @AK

It takes some willing suspension of disbelief.

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Alien animals on Mars? Do you mean animals that didn’t originate there??
But I get the gist of your question, and if given the opportunity, we will hunt them down and kill them with our guns. (What else will there be to do up there???)

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That would be one of the coolest discoveries of the century! It would answer so many questions and pose an endless list of others.
It would be proof we are not alone.
Why have they not evolved higher? What is their life cycle? How do they reproduce? Why is Mars so barren? What is their evolutionary history? How do they survive under such extreme conditions? Are they carbon based, silicon based, another element? So, so many questions.

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I would ask questions like:
What are they breathing?
What are they eating?
What are they drinking?
Can you teach them tricks?
Is it dangerous to mate with them?

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The next Rover would be armed with tasers and machine guns to deter the creatures from urinating on delicate scientific equipment.

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@Yellowdog “That’s up to China.”

“The U.S. will never get there,”
“This is a ‘what if’ question, I think, @AK

“It takes some willing suspension of disbelief.”

- Um, do you not believe that the U.S. NASA has been to Mars ? Are Trump and Q trying to let us know it’s a deep fake?

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I’m sure we’d try to kill one with a rover and then put it’s corpse in a rocket and fly it back to Earth.

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@Yellowdog Oh, boy! A crap shoot!

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