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Tree steps (spikes), how damaging are they to a mature tree?

Asked by jahhn (5points) September 9th, 2008

I have a 80ft Ponderosa Pine in my backyard, we are going to put a tree stand up at the way top. In order to get there often and easily we wanted to put some tree steps/spikes in to bridge the gaps between distant branches. We have concerns over what potential damage this may cause to the tree. Please help! Thanks!

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From Shade Tree Experts: “Good arborists will use ropes to climb when a bucket truck is not appropriate. Spikes damage trees including palm trees. Good arborists don’t use spikes.”

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I don’t think they would be that damaging. It depends on the thickness of the trunk. As long as the spikes don’t penetrate into the inner core, you should be fine.

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Mostly, the wounds on the tree are an avenue for parasites and diseases to get past the protection of the bark and into the live tissue (the bark functions like our epidermis – it’s a physical barrier to the outside world). So it’s a crap shoot whether or not you’ll have severe damage.

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