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When have you had your best sleep?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18404points) 1 month ago

Mine is in the noon in a hotel where I can stay an extra night and don’t need to leave at 10am. It is relaxing.

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If I take a nap it’s usually great sleep.

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When I have no where to go, and I’ve got all day to get there.

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The best sleep is a cool dark room after a sunny day on the water.

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Staying alone in a quiet cottage under the redwoods and by a river in Santa Cruz County.

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Oh, sorry, that was where, not when.

When: 2007.

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I love sleeping on boats. My dad is a naval engineer, so we would sometimes rent a boat for holidays. When I was around 7, my family went on a week-long trip on the rivers of England. I have really good memories of falling asleep with the waves lapping against the hull, or waking up to the smell of toast and realizing we were already moving again.

I sort of want to sell all my stuff and buy a boat. But I’m probably not brave enough.

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Sleep? What is sleep?

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During my colonoscopy. Don’t remember ever feeling so refreshed. No wonder people get addicted to propofol as a sleeping aid. :/

Close second. The first time our first kid slept through the night.

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