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Who makes cottage cheese the way it used to be?

Asked by Jeruba (51548points) 1 month ago

Not Knudsen. Not Daisy. That’s two down.

These days it’s too much whey (the wet part) and not enough curds (the solid part). Soupy. Kind of repugnant, if you ask me.

So now, after two strikeouts, I’m on a quest.

Is there any brand name you can suggest (that might be available to me in the Bay Area) that still makes cottage cheese the way it’s s’posed to be?


I know that some people loathe cottage cheese, but please note that this question is in General.

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If this helps, Lucerne brand, sold by some stores like Albertson’s, Safeway, and maybe a couple others might be to your liking. It seems quite firm, congealed.

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Thanks, @kritiper, that will be the next one I try. What I’m getting now under known brands has changed from what it used to be, so personal experience is really the only test.

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Trader Joe.

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And I’ll try that one too. Thank you, @Zaku.

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I’d check Clover Sonoma or other local farms in Cali, not grocery stores.
If there’s one thing Cali has that I envy, its the small hobby farms and various new products.

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The last time I had Breakstone (over a year ago) it was as you described, not overly wet. I don’t know if it’s available where you are, I think it might be national.

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Here’s a 2018 article from the NY Times that discusses this very topic:

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