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Suppose a female prisoner escapes. If the police want to find the person, do we still call it a manhunt?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29595points) 1 month ago

Would it be a womanhunt?

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Or like getting mail from the femaleman.

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Person hunt to be politically correct.

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How about calling it a Scaniahunt?

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Yes we do.

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Its only a womanhunt if its a man who identifies as a woman.

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If she is (1) in jail, and (2) escapes, she is more of a man than most guys I know.

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This is a question kind of similar to: if a deaf person has a court proceeding, is it still called a hearing?

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The jury was rigged!
The cops lied!!
The meDiA ArE thE Enema!!!
Total FRAUD!!!!

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We can, of course, use a different term for the news—just say its a search, if the escapee is female. But to use the term ‘manhunt’ does not really determine the sex of the escapee. ‘Manhunt’ means the procedure itself.

@smudges A ‘hearing’ is to hear what the defendant has to say—and for a judge or jury to ask questions—as part of a proceeding to determine whether there is reason to continue,

It is unlikely that the judge or jury would be deaf. They’d most likely do something else.

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@Yellowdog Maybe we can include your sense of humor in the ‘manhunt’ since it seems to be lost.

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